Week of 9/28/20: Workouts this week, Sat HR start up again, London Marathon on Sunday.

Hi Folks,

This week I thought we’d do a test Hill Repeats/ Strength workout on Saturday at 8 am (your wam-up run should be finished for 8 am workout start) at the Seminary college location. They have taken down the “No Trespassing” signs according our local workout group members. LMK if you will attend so I have a head count. I suggest we keep the voices down on an early Saturday morning so we don’t disturb the residents on the side streets. We’ll have the HR, exercise stations (well spaced) and pay attention to social distancing during the hill repeats (no heavy breathing on other runners).

This Sunday (10/4/20) they are holding the LONDON MARATHON – for elite runners only. The course will be a 2.15 kilometer loop that they run 19 times! The highlight will be KIPCHOGE and BEKELE, the two best distance runners in history, running in the same race: highly anticipated. , World Record holder for the marathon, BRIDGET KOSGEI (ran a 2:14), will be running and says she is ready, in addition to a good number of other very talented women runners. This should be quite the race! TIMES: 2:15 am – Women, 5:15 am Men.

9/29/20 TUESDAY. TEMPO run. After the usual warm-up mile or so on fire roads or trails: two rounds of:

(3′ (3′) – 5′ (3′) – 4′ (3′)). The first set would be 3 minutes at 10K race pace followed by 3′ of easy running – but not too slowly!

9/30/20 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH WORK. Workout #58, i.e., Workout week of 9/28/20:

this time I add in resistance band side-step ” crab walk” to strengthen outside of hips. Resistance band training requires inexpensive equipment and they are easy to pack and store. The bands are color coded; the lighter colors are light resistance, then works up from blue, to red, to purple to black for most resistance. Most of our group workout members use the blue band, a “medium” difficulty level for the crab walks. Step inside the band, get into a half crouch, feet at shoulder width, and step with left foot a good two feet to the left while leaving the right foot in place. Then bring foot back and repeat for the number of reps indicated; then do same with the right leg.

10/1/20 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK on the trails, fire roads or track ( if you have access to it). After a warm-up run and six 10″ pick-ups do, 2-3 rounds of:

2 x 30 ” (1′), 2 x 45″ (2′), 2 x 1′ (2′)

10/3/20 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS, STRENGTH, Tire pulls, trap bar deadlifts. Held at Seminary college, off Seminary Drive. Bring some sanitizer wipes so you clean the kettlebell or dumbbells you are using. Arrive about 7:40 to get in a warm-up run and go up to the exercise site so we start by 8 am. Will have: Hill Repeats mixed in with exercise stations and finish with sprints and loaded carries.

So far: Paula, Andy, Judi, Gayle S, Shirl D, AJ, Lisa L, Hans, Tom, Elizabeth

1). Mtn Climbers x 12 ( 24 total reps) + X6 L/R Lunge Torso Rotations

2 x Short – Sprint – Long

2). X 8 Dbl DB Burpees & Presses

Sprint – 1/2 “A” – Short – Sprint

3). DGB/DB Ab Crunches + Knee Tucks x 12

2 X Sprint – 2 Short

4) DGB “JACKS” x 15 + X 6 DB Plank Row

2 x Sprint – Short – 1/2 “B”

Post Hill Repeat/Exercise stations portion: SPRINTS & LOADED CARRIES

30 Meter sprint — Farmer Carry

30 Meter sprint – Rack Carry

30 Meter Sprint – Waiters Carry

Long Sprint – X 10 Swings

30 Meter Sprint – X 6 DBL KB/DB Sumo Deadlift

30 Meter Sprint – X 10 Swings

Long Sprint – R/L 1- arm Suitcase Carry

30 Meter Sprint – X 10 Swings

30 Meter Sprint – Trap Bar Deadlift

Long Sprint – Resistance Band “Crab Walks”