Week of 10/5/20: Workouts this week, Sat Hill Repeats/XTraining, new women’s WR 5000; new men’s WR 10,000.

Hi Folks,

Unfortunately, it looks like this weekend’s rain is going to miss our area except for .01 of an inch. So the Saturday HR/XT workout will be on.

It’s interesting that we’re seeing more world records set during the COVID-19 pandemic; could be because without the Olympics it gave athletes time to focus on various track and road records. It still takes determination and discipline to train primarily solo. Recently, in Valencia a new WR 5000 was set by LETESENBET GIDEY, Ethiopia who ran the 12.5 laps on the track in 14:06.62. She started with 69 second laps and gradually brought it down to 68’s once the pace makers pulled off the track and finished with 67 second laps.

JOSHUA CHEPTEGEI of Kenya already recently ran a WR 5000 in 12:35, has the records on the roads for 5K, 10K, and 15K; also a World XC title. He his 10,000 WR of 26:11.88 in very even lap splits ranging 62.4 to 63.3 seconds. His first 5000 with pacers was run in 13:07; then the pacers pulled off the track and he ran a solo 13:03 – alone! His pace averaged 62.83 per lap and 4:12.83 per mile! Doesn’t seem possible. His next race will be the most competitive road race in the world, the IAAF World Championships Half Marathon to be held in Poland in later October; he’ll be shooting for low 58 minute time.

Last Sunday both the men and women’s elite fields in the 2020 London Marathon featured exciting finishes after 19 laps of a 2.1 km loop. In the women’s race I was very impressed by Sara Hall’s come from behind, in 10th place, to steadily reel in one elite women runner after another with an unrelenting hard-paced drive, culminating with an incredible push and all-out effort, to just surge by the World Champion, Ruth Chepngetich to take second place! Bridgit Kosgei, the world record holder (2:14 marathon time) out distanced the field by about three minutes with a 2:18:58 – her fourth Majors Marathon win. Last thing I’m thinking about is “picking it up” during the last mile of a marathon! Check the last half mile clip on YouTube. Remarkable.

In the men’s race there were four male runners in contention with a half mile left to the finish with the quartet running at sub 4:40 pace, for sure. There were three duking it out over the last 200 meters – without the 10 time marathon winner and world record holder, Eliud Kipchoge, who had an off day with an ear problem. With 200 meters to go , it was a 3-way sprint finish. It was Shura Kitata of Ethiopia with multiple second place finishes in the major marathons, who gutted it out over Kipchumba of Kenya by a few steps to the finish line and took the win. They had to be running under 4:30 pace over that last 200!

10/6/20 TUESDAY. TEMPO/LONG INTERVALS workout. After the usual warm-up mileage you’ll put in a variety of timed intervals: 4′ (3′ recovery running), 6′ (4′), 8′ (5′), 3′ (3′).

Nothing to do with training, but witnessing one of Nature’s wonders: begins as a tiny egg on the Milkweed plant, grows from a tiny caterpillar into a large fat one; then curls up after attaching itself to an overhead spot, forms a opaque covering “Chrysallis” then, after a couple of weeks, comes out as a Monarch butterfly! An amazing process. You can see the empty Chrysallis next to the Monarch. The Monarch is in the endangered list so naturalists encourage people to grow the Milkweed plant that they feed on exclusively. Our plants grew rapidly, and sure enough, the female Monarchs found the Milkweed and deposited a good number of eggs. The caterpillars munch away for days and grow rapidly; then the next phase begins!
So that same Monarch made his way to her and climbed up to her shoulder. “Mom”! He (it’s a male) stayed with her for 45 minutes then flew away. Another success story !

10/7/20 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING. A little bit of a change for this week by including more ROM exercises; you’ll still finish with Loaded Carries and Trap Bar Deadlifts.

X 10 Swings – X 6 KB/DGB Halos ( do them clockwise and counterclockwise )

X 10 Swings – X 5 Hip Bridges ( do SINGLE LEG hip bridges with a pause at the top of each rep)

X 10 Swings – 8-1 Push-ups, either on the ground or on an incline

X 10 Swings – X 6 R/L either Lunge or Kneeling Torso Rotations ( If the Lunge forward position is awkward for carrying out the torso rotations; execute them from a kneeling position. The main goal is to improve or maintain good torso rotation)

X 10 Swings – X 8 R/L Resistance Band side steps (side of hip muscles). Stand in a mild crouch with the bands around the ankles; take a firm step to the right with the band while the left foot is planted firmly in place, and then step back to parallel feet position. Repeat 8 time, then do the same on the left side.

X 10 Swings – 30″ – 1′ Weighted Plank

X 10 Swings – X 5 Strap Dislocates & Full Body Rotations; clockwise and counterclockwise. A “stretchy” strap will work best, but a regular strap will do. Pace the rotations gently and with full range rotations to the front and back in addition to the usual dislocates straight over and back.

X 10 Swings – X 5 R/L KB Presses with hold at top of “1000” count

X 10 Swings – X 7 Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts ( Do about 4-6″ height blocks or cement building bricks.Keep the weight modest: you’re working a bit extra range of motion with your squat which will work the butt and hamstrings a bit harder. Works as good warm-up for the Trap Bar Deadlift later)

X 10 Swings – X 5, 1-arm KB/DB O’Head Full Squats (face and grip a rail, post, or kitchen sink with one hand while holding a light DB/KB overhead with bicep alongside the ear in the other hand, and complete a full squat. Keep the butt pointed at “6 o’clock”, try not to lean forward with the upper torso, pause at the bottom for a “1000-1” count; then come back up. It’s more demanding than one would think! Go for the few good reps. Can even do 3 reps on the right, then 3 on the left side)

10/8/20 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. After a warm-up run and 6 x 10″ quick pick-ups. Then it’s three rounds of: ((2 x 45″ (2′), 1 x 2′ (3′)). Run the intervals at faster than 5K race pace.

10/10/20 SATURDAY – HILL REPEATS/CROSS TRAINING/ LOADED CARRIES. 8 am start. Hill Repeats are on! Will be at the Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Arrive prior to the start and get in your warm-up run, then meet up the entry road where I have the exercise stations set up. We’ll have exercise stations interspersed with hill repeats, followed by sprints, loaded carries and trap bar deadlifts.

Hill repeats for leg speed and strength; exercise stations for mobility and strength, loaded carries to safely put the body for time under tension (TUT), build core and overall strength and capacity.