Week of 10/12/20: Workouts for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday.

Hi Folks,

Today friend Eric and I rode from south to north on the Silverado trail into Calistoga. We saw the extensive Glass Fire damage from St Helena area northward . The fire fighters managed to save many structures while all around them trees and grass burned; amazing they could save a number of homes . We saw many telephone poles already replaced along Silverado Trail and much evidence of tree cutting. PGE trucks were parked alongside the road at several locations dealing with downed power lines, putting up new poles and quickly restoring power to the area. All in all, it was very sad to see the devastation and smell the ash along Silverado Trail. I wasn’t able to take photos in a number of hard hit stretches because they had single road alternating traffic control; when it was our turn we had to hustle through!

A number of structures did not escape the fire. So sad to see.

10/13/20 TUESDAY. TEMPO day. After the usual warm-up run the sustained pick-ups at 10K race pace or faster on the track, trails or roads: 2 x 6′ (4′), plus 1 x 4′. During the tempo pieces concentrate on “relaxed speed” form, don’t force the effort, but keep it at a high aerobic level.

10/14/20 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH DAY. Workout for this week combines some mobility and the basic strength variety exercises while sticking with the 100 reps of kettlebell swings to build the entire posterior side and fitness. ( if you are new to swings, gradually work up to the 10 x 10 volume; after you learn the KB swing technique).

Keep the focus on the solid hip explosion forward, coming up to a “vertical plank” with buttocks squeezed together, knees ” zipped up”, abs contracted and lats forcibly activated. , and the kettlebell at chin level. Exhale forcefully with a short breath through pursed lips with the tongue pushed against the back of the teeth. After the main exercise session you’ll finish with 5-3-3 reps of Trap Bar Deadlifts to build all out strength and shore up the traps, quads, hamstrings , hips and back.

Note that with a number of exercises the rep count seems modest: I’m working with a good number of people over 50 years of age and keep volume and intensity in check. You can easily adjust the number of reps for your level of fitness. I have them up the intensity with the Loaded Carries because it safer to do so because one is primarily “bracing” the body and minimizing movement; just holding the kettlebells ( or dumbbells) in place and building “time under tension” ( TUT). All-out strength we do with Trap Bar Deadlifts for hips, back, legs, traps and grip. I also have the clientele perform a hinge movement, a squat version of some kind ( i.g., Goblet Squat or Front Squat), something overhead ( presses, overhead squats), back training ( swings, deadlifts) and mobility.

Even limiting some workouts to Swings, Push-Ups, Goblet Squats, Loaded Carries, and Trap Bar Deadlifts will cover what one needs for strength gains and mobility. The one exercise we all need to add and/or maintain is the all-in-on exercise: the Get-Up.

( I see I need to work on my printing with the whiteboard pens!)

10/15/20 THURSDAY SPEED-WORK day session. After your warm-up and 6 x 10″ quick turnover pick-ups, you’ll get in six rounds of: (2′ (2′) + 45″ (2′ )). If you can do the workout on the track you’ll be doing six rounds of 400’s and 200’s; if on the trails, fire roads or road you’ll run them by time.

10/17/20 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/WEIGHT TRAINING/ LOADED CARRIES. 8 AM At SEMINARY COLLEGE grounds off Seminary Drive. Arrive early, park along Seminary Dr. to get in your warm-up run and be ready to go by the exercise stations by 8 am.