Week of 12/21/20: Workouts, no Sat HR/XT, Christmas Kettlebell Swing Challenge,

Hi Folks,

A brief posting this morning; will update later: busy week coming up! You are all heading towards the finish line getting in those daily Swings for the Christmas Kettlebell Swing Challenge during the busy month of December.

12/21 45 Swings-Novice 85 Swings Experienced

12/22 45 ” 90 Swings

12/23 50 ” 95 “

12/24 50 ” 95 “

12/25 55 ” 100 ……Whoo Hoo! made it to Xmas…finish the month!

12/26 55 ” 100

12/27 60 ” 100

12/28 60 ” 100

12/29 65 ” 100

12/30 65 ” 100

12/31 70 ” 100

notes: This will be the tough week to get in those reps on any day. If it seems a bit much on a particular day; reduce the weight of the kettlebell , or reduce the number of reps in a set, e.g., from 20 down to 15, 10 or sets of 5 reps. Rest appropriately between sets.

Sometimes the total number of reps may not be completed; the goal to get in reps daily. If you need to, complete fewer reps of Swings, but get in some volume for the day!

Take care of your muscles sometime during the day after the workout. Stretch the hamstrings, quads , hip area followed by foam roller work up and down your backside. Then you’ve taken care of the “equipment” to be ready for the next round of Swings the next day.

You are learning a great deal about how your body responds to the Challenge. You’ll sort out the best combination of sets and reps that works for you. Don’t let your form turn sloppy, focus on each rep; don’t execute “casually”; pretend the weight is over 60#, remember to tighten your body during the hike portion and at the top at the “vertical plank” position.

12/22/20 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After the warm-up mile or so get in 2 x 7 minute steady-pace intervals at 10K pace with 5′ recovery jog in between. You are acclimating your cardiovascular system to race pace in graduated doses. The trick is to apply the stress load so it builds your fitness and not break down.

12/23/20 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING. Workout to be posted for this week.

12/24/20 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. Some of you are running on MV bike path where I have each half mile painted…Do warm-up run to north end of bike path/Blithedale; run pick-up .5M (across from 2nd bench along path); .5M easy ( to 1M marker); .5M pickup to 1.5M marker (almost to under Richardson Bay overpass); .5M easy to 2M marker ( a small tree/bush on right); .5M pick-up to south end of bike path and back to 2.5M marker, a bit north of Mikes Bikes area); .5M easy to 3M marker by street sign (Coho?) just before pedestrian crossing by seaplane area; .5M pickup to just over second bridge; then .5M pickup to 4M marker by bench on left side by The Redwoods complex….jog recovery back to car.

Or, do by time on another course with 4 to 4:10 pick-up/ 5′ recovery jog for four reps.

12/26/20 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES. . Not to be held this day: raining Friday night – and it’s the day after Christmas.

A picture taken at the train station in the Hague by one of our workout group, Allen Biggs, featuring a two decker bicycle storage area. Citizens bike from home to the train station , take a train to work and back; then cycle home. Fun to see how the cities cater to cycling for transportation.
Bet you haven’t seen a four lane escalator for bikes going in and out of the train station?