Week of 12/14/20: Workouts, Christmas Kettlebell Swing Challenge continues, Saturday HR/XT are on.

Hi Folks,

For some reason my posting for this week did not go through last night; just learned of it now. So I am writing it up again tonight. Bear with me. We are juggling multiple “to-do’s” today and the rest of the week; I’ll update in spurts starting with this week’s Kettlebell Swing Challenge reps.

I know that the reps are modest for a number of you partaking in this Challenge; the idea is to be able to carry out the DAILY reps. That is the challenge: getting the number in, be it a few or many. You can add Goblet Squats and Push-ups in between sets, but get in your daily total of swings. Carry out the reps with proper form and explosiveness; do with more sets of fewer reps to get it done.

Mon 12/14: 30 reps for Novices 70 reps for Experienced

Tue 12/15: 35 reps 70 reps

Wed 12/16: 35 reps 75 reps

Thu 12/17: 35 reps 75 reps

Fri 12/18: 40 reps 80 reps

Sat 12/19: 40 reps 80 reps

Sun 12/20: 40 reps 85 reps

12/15/20 TUESDAY. TEMPO..For today’s workout it is a repeat of running the 6 x 800 meter loop course (2′ recovery jog) you’ve found on the fire roads, track or even a trails, or for those running over 25 per week, 3 x one mile loop course (3 minute recovery). You run over a familiar course to practice even pacing at a strong, but controlled effort. Gradually the reps will be run more evenly as you become better at pacing, more fit and familiar with your loop. There is comfort and a practical aspect to using the same course over and over so you can compare consistency in pacing.

12/16/20 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH DAY workout. (see photo of white board).


12/19/20 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES. 8 am. At Olivet Seminary College off Seminary drive. Arrive early to get in your warm-up run and be ready to roll at 8 am. Yes, you’ll be getting up in the dark, but there will be good light as you run your warm-up. Those of you still on track with the Christmas Kettlebell Challenge will get in your Swing reps during the last portion of the workout.

LMK if you will be attending; so far: Lisa, Judi, Jill, Kevin, Shirley, …

Remember to use your mask, keep a good distance apart during the exercise stations and during your hill repeats. All of California is experiencing an outbreak of COVID so we need to maintain our separation during the workout. If you are not comfortable coming to the workout, I understand.

INTERNATIONAL RESULTS: New World Record for the half marathon was set in Valencia, Spain last weekend along with a very deep field for the Valencia Marathon producing new course records. Few races are held during Covid, but there have been a few strongly contested major races held for the elite fields only around the globe. This has brought out remarkable depth in both the men and women’s fields; everyone is looking for events to run.

VALENCIA HALF MARATHON. Geoffrey Kamworor’s WR Half marathon time of 58:01 was dramatically lowered by Kibiwott Kandie (57:32) AND three others: Jacob Kiplimo (57:37), the World Half Marathon title winner in October; third was Rhoned Kipruto (57:49), who ran 26:24 10K in January. Kenyan Alexander Mutiso, claimed fourth in 57:59. The pace was intense as they hit 5K in 13:37, 10K in 27:25 ( how many good runners can run a 27:30 or better 10K), 15K (9.32 miles), 20K (12.42 miles) in 54:42. Some eight broke one hour and 20 under 1:06:00.

Dibaba Genzebe took the win in 65:18 ( just under 5′ pace) leading six under 1:10:00. Emily Sisson was one second off the American record with 67:26 in fifth place.

VALENCIA MARATHON: The Trinidad Alfonso Fnd and billionaire supporter, Juan Roig ,had six million dollars to produce the event and attract a first class field which insured a very competitive race. The elite field was very impressive attracting many fast runners: 4 under 2:04:00, 30 under 2:10:00, 65 under 2:18:00, and 71 under 2:20:00! Evans Chebet took the win with a new CR of 2:03:00.

…more to come

The elite women’s field drew six under 2:20:00, 20 under 2:30:00 and 37 under 2:37:04 or sub-6 pace. Peres Jepchirchir ran a solid 2:17:18 for a new course Record! However, the controversy over the shoe improvements by Nike,

Finish time improvements continue at a record pace and finally Adidas has come by with the AdiosPro in answer to the Nike Vapor Fly. Numerous records have been broken with the advancement in shoes during the last two years. Restrictions are beginning to be put into place regarding shoe design and materials. Will be interesting to see if restrictions can be placed on shoe design; the Nike version definitely provides an advantage.

Nicasio Reservoir is very low! Beautiful weather but the drought is in full swing.