Week of 4/5/21: Workouts, Strength day(s), Tempo, Speed-Work, Sat HR/XT, Tips.

Hi Folks,

JOINING in for SAT/HR/XT: Lisa, Chris, Lee, Judi, the Valla’s, Shirley, Tom , Elizabeth…and more.

The world records continue to be set on a regular basis, partly due to the lack of regular competitions because of Covid restrictions; give athletes time to focus on breaking record times. This time The Istanbul Half Marathon (4/4/21) saw three-time winner Ruth Chepngetich, 26 of Kenya lead three women under 65:00 (a sub 5-minute pace0 with a new WR 64:02! (she has also won the Istanbul Marathon in 2:18:35. She was followed by Yalemrzew Yehualof in 64:40, then Helen Obiri, the XC Champ in 64:51.

The lead pack clicked off some remarkable 5k splits: 5K in 15:07, 10K in 30:21, 15K in 45:29; her fourth 5K in 15:03

World records in running are set by gifted athletes, but we often forget the volume of homework and belief that goes into setting remarkable times. Take Kibiwott Kandie of Kenya who led four others under the old Half Marathon WR with a 57:32 at Valencia Half Marathon. Lets Run website described Kandie’s training program which consisted of running three times per day: 6 am – 20K, 10 am – 8K, 4 pm – 10K. He averaged about 23 miles per day! He also had to be patient during the pandemic; there were events where he could compete, but gave him time to focus on a supreme effort and not to take the lead until the last 2-3 kilometers.

4/6/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO. More race pace practice with long interval pick-ups. After the solid warm-up mile and some 15″ pick-ups: run 3′ (2′ easy run) – 4′ (2′) – 6′ (3′) – 4′ (3′) – 3′ (2′) and easy mileage to finish.

4/7/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH day. I’m going to have the group and the readers do the same Wednesday workout as last week (week of 3/29/21) to get another practice with some of the exercises.

4/8/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK/Track day. Run a solid warm-up and six time 10″ quick cadence pick-ups then :

Three rounds of: 3′ (2′) – 45″ (2′) or if on track 3 x (600 (200); then

Three rounds of: 2′ (1′) – 45″ (1′) or if on track 3 x (400 (200)

4/10/21 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS/ TRAP BAR. 8 am. Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Arrive early to get in your warm-up run along Seminary Drive near the entry road; then up to the exercise stations. Keep the workout going to finish within the 45 minutes to an hour.

  1. X8 R/L Lunge Torso Rotations + X15 R/L 1-Arm DGB Swings (develops Swing technique)

Short – Sprint – Short

2. X8 DB/DGB Goblet Squats – X15 Mtn Climbers

1 / 2 “B” + Long (run as one continuous climb, and time the interval

3. X6 R/L Top Half Get-Up + X10 R/L Alt hand to toe V-Ups

X4 Sprints

4. X10 DB Thursters + X6 R/L DB Plank Row

Short – Sprint – 1 / 2 “A”