Week of 4/12/21: Workouts, tips, Sa

Hi Folks,

I had a problem Updating/Saving the additional material I wrote today: I lost all that I posted quite frustrating and a loss of time. I will have to rewrite it and post it again.

New WR Women’s 50K (31.05 miles) of 2:59:54 was set by American marathoner, Boston winner, DES LINDEN, who broke the old record by seven minutes and is the first woman to run it under three hours with an average pace of 5:47 per mile! The record was set on a 6.5 mile loop course.

The first 13.1 miles in 1:15:47, the second 13.1 in 1:15:26 for a marathon split of 2:31:13. The last five miles were a struggle ( as we all experience during the marathon), but she hung on gamely to break the three hours.

The DIPSEA RACE is November 7th; time to plan the next several months. April, May, June build your base of Hill Repeats, the weights you use for Loaded Carries and Trap Bar Deadlifts; plus learn the Get UP. You’ll also build on your pace for running the RRGrade course (8 miles uphill to top of Tam) once per month. Running that steady 5-7% grade recruits more leg muscles, good fitness and it’s difficult to injure yourself because you can only run so fast on an upgrade. I’ll be adjusting the Hill Repeats as we hit July, August; then focus on running the Dipsea course during the last half of August and all of September.

Just to get the week started: See the workouts below.

4/13/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After the solid warm-up run, get at 10K effort level: 3′ tempo/ 2′ easy – 12′ tempo/ 4′ easy running – 6′ tempo / 3′ easy.

4/14/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH Training.

Notes on the workout: with the X6 Left Hand Cleans followed immediately with a left arm carry of 1-2 minutes. The goal here is to learn to brace the kettlebell with your lats instead of holding it up with arm and shoulder. The longer walk gives you time to practice brace/hold the bell in place with your lat support.Do the same on the right side.

The x5 PVC Pipe (or staff, 6′ length of pipe) O’Head Squats is a very productive stand-alone exercise for improving overall strength, mobility in hips, ankles, and shoulders; core and improving all sports. I attaining the full squat position is difficult you can obtain an assist by placing a weight plate or wood plank under each heel until you can loosen up the joints for full range of motion.

The last exercise i forgot to include is the One Minute Weighted Plank; add that to finish routine. After the swings and exercises proceed to doing your Waiter’s Carry, Rack Carry, Farmer Carry for one minute each; then finish with 3 X 3 Trap Bar Deadlifts.

4/15/21 THURSDAY. SPEED WORK. After a solid warm-up run do 3 rounds of (4′ (2′)) or 3 rounds of (800 (200)); then 6′ (2:30′) or 1200 (400); then 2′ (1′), or 400 (200).

4/17/21. SATURDAY. HILL REEPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES. 8 am at Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Arrive about 7:30 to get in a warm-up run then; it’s up to where the exercise stations is located. Run the hill repeats portion at 5K effort. Then continue with the Loaded Carries which involves doing several kinds of carries with heavy kettlebells for time under tension (TUT) to safely build up strength and fitness.