Week of 5/3/21: Workouts will be changing; no Sat HR/XT..

Hi Folks,

I can’t log onto my blog using my laptop, so doing it painstakingly slowly on my IPhone (getting help soon). Let’s see this if posts goes through!

Sandy and I will be going to Montana on Thursday, back on Monday to visit our daughter and family. I’ll have an alternative longer Saturday workout , or some of you may want to run a shorter RRGrade to Double Bow Knot-Mt Home Inn; then either Sun Trail to Windy Gap or down Tenderfoot trail-Edgewood road to top of the Dipsea steps and back to the start.

Here is our hardy group prior to the 7 am start for the 67 and 100 milers. We were escorted by Yreka police through town the first couple of miles until we reached the East side of Hwy 5 and the open countryside. Everyone had a good day with pleasant weather.
Eric riding the Siskiyou event on his birthday with beautiful Mt. Shasta in the background. We rode along lush grasslands, Copco Lake- and a good number of upgrades! The other plus was that we had little car traffic.

5/4/21 Tuesday. TEMPO workout. After the mile warm-up, get in 15’ of tempo (4’ easy run), then 10’ (4’ easy run), then additional two miles.

5/5/21 Wednesday. STRENGTH training.

first get Dual Grip Ball (DGB) using a 14, 16, or 18#, do R/L X15 1-Arm Swings to practice hip hinge movement which is easier with the shorter handle on the DGB.

X10 Swings – X6 R/L Lunge Torso Rotations

X15 Swings – X6 DBL KB Clean and Front Squat

X10. – X6 Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts

X15 Swings. – 1’ Minute Plank (w/ weight plate on back)

X 15 Swings – X4 DBL KB Clean and Front Squats

X 10 Swings. – X3 R/L KB Presses

X15 Swings. – X4 Deficit KB Sumo DL

5/6/21 THURSDAY. TRACK workout. Mile or so warm-up, 6x 10” pickups, 4 x 100(100) stride-outs.

3 x 400 ( on 2:30 or 3’),

6 X 200 (200) building leg speed at one mile pace.

remember to stretch hamstrings, Quads, hips after – while still warm ..

6/8/21 SATURDAY. Saturday Hill Repeats at Seminary College off Seminary Drive… ( on your own this day).