Week of 6/7/21: Workouts, expect a windy week, new Women’s WR 10,000, training.

Hi Folks,

Coming to Saturday Hill Repeats workout so far: Sally Kallet plus two others, Judi, Shirley, Kevin,

These months of drought and constant wind are scary to observe for me and a good number of others; especially when our group cycles around Nicasio Reservoir: more dirt than reservoir. Santa Clara’s Anderson Reservoir is at 3%. We have more wind and low humidity in store for us this week and well into June. Best thing to do is train during early morning hours while we hope the weather improves. Time to forget watering any lawns, hosing down driveways, washing cars and other high water use activities. We keep small plastic bucket in the shower and in the sink to make the most of grey water for the plants. Keeps one mindful of how much water we use daily.

New World Record for the Women’s 10,000 meters: 29:06.8 by SIFAN HASSAN of Ethiopia at the Fanny Blankers Koen Games in the Netherlands. (The old record was 29:17.45 set in the Olympic final). She asked the pacers for 70″ pacing per 400, but ended dropping the pacers 2K into the race. Pacing after that point was very even with the help of the Wave Light Pacing system that was set up on the rail of the track. She hit 5K in 14:38 and lapped the field by the time she blasted a 64″ last lap for the record. Hassan is noted for her famous 1500/10,000 double win two years ago. She also has the Hour Run record of 11.76M set on 9/4/20; the same day Mo Farah set the men’s record of 13.25 miles. What double will Hassan run in the Olympics because she is also great at 5000 meters.

6/8/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After the warm-up run: 12′ Tempo (4′ easy) – 8′ (3′) – 4′ (2′) and continue with your run for any additional mileage and cool down.

6/9/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH.Workout for this week; a bit of a change in the workout.

Warm-up: Remember to get in the Halos with either a grip plate, light dumbbell or kettlebell to warm up the shoulders and kickstart synovial fluid into the articulating surfaces of the joints. Then strap shoulder dislocates, a few Goblet Squats and hip raises.

Tips: try and up the weight with the one-arm cleans to build strength so you can complete double kettlebell cleans for the Rack Carry.

“I go, you go” with the 4 x 15 swings refers to working with a partner. I do a set of 15 swings; then my training partner does a set. Keep going until you have completed four rounds .

4X 15 swings “On the minute” (OTM). If working out solo, start your timer, do a set of 15 swings, rest until the clock hits one minute; do the next set and continue until four rounds have been completed. A good method to keep the practice going, build fitness, yet include some rest time.

6/10/21 THURSDAY. TRACK/SPEED-WORK. Probably easier to get onto your local high school or COM track for interval training now that most of the schools are out for summer vacation. After a solid warm-up run, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups and 4 x 100 (100) where you run the 100 meter straight aways followed by 100 meter jog around the curves. Then it’s a ladder workout:

200 (200) – 400 (200) – 600 (200) – 800 (200) – 600 (200) – 400 (200) – 200 (200). The 200’s run at mile pace, the 400’s at sub 5K race pace, 600’s at 5K pace and the 800 at 5M pace.

Below: Saturday’s workout for building hill running strength, speed, all around necessary strength to thwart off the effects of aging and mobility.

Sat/HR/XT/Sprints/Loaded Carries
The Hill Repeats workout

6/12/21 SATURDAY. HR/XT/SPRINTS/LOADED CARRIES/ SPRINTS. 8 am at Seminary College, off Seminary Drive. Arrive around 7:30 or so to get in your warm-up run so you can get in the brief muscle warm-up; then hit the first exercise station firmly followed by the first of hill repeats.

LMK if you will be joining in. Sally K plus two friends, Judi, Shirley, Kevin…more tba

Tip on why you do strength training: Outside Magazine has an article on the importance of including supplemental training to avoid and come back from setbacks and nagging injuries; especially when we pursue our athletic passions so fervently.

“Tinkering. Maintenance. These words were beacons of hope. In my case (author Matt Skenazy) tinkering involved a pretty straightforward prescription.”You need someone who will kick your ass,” Armine said. He put me in touch with with a PT he knew name Laura Opstedal, a woman who believes even 90-year olds should be deadlifting.”

Muscles aren’t what they used to be as we hit 60 years. “The demand you were putting on your body exceeded your capacity,” Opestedal explained, which was a nice way of saying You are not strong enough to do the things you are trying to do.. when we exceed our capacity, we get injured, she explained. That initial injury becomes a never-ending cycle. You rest, you move less, your capacity shrinks more, you do your sport, you get hurt. Repeat. “Unknowingly,” Opstedal said, ” You were caught in a downward spiral.” …” my engine was strong but the axles were rusted.” …