Week of 6/14/21: Workouts, Tu/Wed/Th and Sat training sessions. Get in the special Father’s Day workout

Hi Folks,

Looks like Saturday HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES are on for this weekend. LMK if you plan to attend. Weather should be cooler by Friday and Saturday, plus we have an early morning start. You’ll be done by 9 ‘ish prior to the heat settling in for the day. You can continue training through the hot weather; simply reduce the volume of your workouts.

QUICK KB PRACTICE. Carrying out a modest 50 swings with good form with 5 x 10 swings on the minute (OTM) with your stopwatch mode as a “partner”, or using the “I go, you go ” method with a partner builds some serious cardiovascular fitness and you use a bit of a challenging weight kettlebell. Superset Goblet Squats and push-ups for four rounds will be doable during the hot weather.

Alternative second set in addition to the 5 x 10 swings; follow-up with 2 x 3 reps of Get Ups on the right and left sides.

3) A set of 10 swings followed by 8 push-ups ( incline or flat on ground); 10 swings / 7 push-ups; 10 swings/ 6 push-ups and so forth.

6/15/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After the warm-up mile or so get in 2 x 12′ tempo, with 4′ easy between each 12 minute bout.

6/16/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH workout for this week. After doing Halos, goblet squats, and lunge torso rotations , get in:

X10 Swings – X8 Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts

X 10 Swings – X5 R/L KB Presses

X 10 Swings – X5 DBL KB Cleans and Front Squat

X 10 Swings – X8 R/L DB Side Plank “Sweep & Reach”

X 10 Swings – X8 R/L KB/DB One – Arm Rows ( can go fairly heavy with this movement)

X 5 x 10 Swings in “I go, you go ” system, or do the 5 x 10 “OTM” This will get your fitness level a boost. Work at it until you can do 10 x 10 Swings on the minute.

6/17/21 THURSDAY. TRACK session. After the warm-up mileage, 6 x 30 meter quick cadence pick-ups:

Two rounds of: (800 (200) – 600 (200) – 400 (200) – 2 x 200 (200))

6/19/21 SATURDAY. 8 am. HR/XT/SPRINTS/ LOADED CARRIES. 8 am at Seminary College off Seminary Drive in Strawberry area. Arrive early to get in your warm-up run; then be ready to go at 8 am. LMK if you are in for the workout: Be ready for a solid session.

so far: Judi, Shirley, Kevin, Tom, Elizabeth, and more.