Week of 7/5/21: Workouts, some change with Sat HR/XT.

Hi Folks,

Oops, my article on Wout Van Aerk riding two successive stages of the TDF while pulling off a remarkable placement in both: the equivalent to Usain Bolt running the 100 meters and an ultra marathon – winning one and placing second by inches in the other. Two opposite ends of the ability pole. The first was a Sprint finish where he came within a wheel or less of beating Mark Cavendish, who is pursuing the record 34 sprint wins in the TDF and then ascending one of the iconic climbs in the TDF – Mt. Ventoux.

For the first time ever, race organizers had the riders ascend the 10 miles of uphill at a steeper grade than RRGrade; then climb it again! Van Aerk, at 6’2″ and 170+ lbs. jumped to the lead after the half way mark pulling away from the 140 lb leader to take the win. Quite a feat that one man can have the make-up to be competitive at sprints and also the in the mountains.

After indulging with celebrating the Fourth, it’s time to get back on the horse and get back to training! I’m making a change with the “third board” to up your wind fitness ( to use a simpler term) as we progress the specific training towards Dipsea. This build up towards hill work and leg speed will still improve your time at any road or trail race. Good all-around fitness always pays off for competition and general health.

During August it’s time to up the weight with the Loaded Carries for the overall strength in legs, hips, back and core; the swings improve the entire posterior side, muscular endurance and cardiovascular fitness. The trap bar deadlift will continue to test h

7/6/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO training, i.e., acclimating to race/ threshold pace. After the warm-up mile or so, you’ll run your tempo pieces:

4′ Tempo (2′ easy) – 6′ (3′) – 6′ (3′) – 4′ (2′) ; then finish with your run with some easy miles.

7/7/21 WEDNESDAY. Strength Training this week.

7/8/21 THURSDAY. TRACK/SPEED-WORK. After the warm-up mile, 2x 100 (100), 6 x 30 meters; you’ll do the classic 400 meter repeats workout:

10-12 X 400 (on 2′ if your pace is 6′ pace or better; on 2:30 with 8′ or better; on 3′ if running about 9 minute pace.

7/10/21. SATURDAY. HR/XT/SPRINTS/LOADED CARRIES. 8 am. SEMINARY COLLEGE off Seminary Drive. Arrive early to get in your warm-up run; then meet up entry road to first level lot to begin the workout.

3) new variation with the Press: “X8 R/L DGB Bottom-Up Press”. Here you’ll be using the DGB for bottom-up pressing to get the hang of it easier because of the shorter handles with the DGB. This variation with the Press builds shoulder and wrist strength carefully. It requires fine tuning the movement with deliberate coordination which helps develop the regular kettlebell press.