Week of 7/12/21: Workouts this week; Sat session is on – with slight changes

Hi Folks,

SATURDAY Morning workout is on!

I just delivered paperwork and fees to the Seminary College so WE ARE ON for tomorrow’s workout (Saturday 8 am). First change is that you’ll drive up the entry road and park in Lot C which is one above the road where I usually parked the van (the apartment complex complained of noise early in the morning); that is a “Fire Lane” and must be free of cars.

When you park in lot C park on the East side of the lot facing into the hill so I can set up the exercise stations on the West side near the edge. The College will drop the chain so we can use Lot C. Then go ahead and do your warm-up run.

Basic rules of conduct apply while we use the rented space for our workouts: no leaving garbage at the site; and keep social distancing.

Note that I will be away from July 28 through most of August; so no Saturday workouts during that time.

7/13/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After the warm-up mile or so: 1 x 8′ tempo (3’easy) – 1 x 4′ (2′) – 1 x 8′ (3′) – 1 x 4′ (2′).

7/14/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH workout. A little change up for this week. Note, that you can do the Push-Up portion on an incline in order to maintain good form.

TIPS/NOTES: This session changes things up a bit with posterior side work hitting hamstrings, butt, back (Swings); chest, shoulders, triceps (Push-Ups); legs, glutes and mobility (one kettlebell in rack position front squats and goblet squats).

Remember to keep good form with your push-ups and avoid over-straining, execute the push-ups either on an incline, or from on the push-up handles and finally from the knee position. The reps will add up!

Your off days from strength training: Every other day get in 3 reps of Turkish Get-Ups on the right and left sides. The benefits you gain from simply getting TURKISH-GET-UPS done on a regular basis I will list later. Do them without any resistance in your hand during the first couple of weeks until the movement flows and that you have gained the mobility to do so; then add a water bottle in your hand, followed by a light 10# kettlebell.

7/15/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORKOUT on a track is best. After warm-up mile, 6 x 30 meters, get in 2 x 100 (100). Then for main part of the workout:

2 x 400 ( on the 2:30 or 3′)

2 x 600 (200)….at 5K race pace

2 x 800 (400 steady jog)….run at 5M to 10K race pace.

As always, get in your stretching for butt, quads and hamstrings.

7/17/21 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS and Trap bar deadlifts. 8 AM at Seminary College off Seminary Drive – drive up the entry road to park in Lot C and do your warm-up run from there. Arrive around 7:30 to get in your warm-up run and a bit of extra hill work.

LMK if attending; in so far: Tom, Elizabeth, Judi, Denise, Robert, Danny, Tricia, Shirle;

  1. X 8 R/L Lunge Torso Rotations, X15 Mtn Climbers: Short – Sprint – Short
  2. X8 DB Burpee & Press , X8 Russian Twists: 1/2 “B” + Long
  3. X8 DB Plank Row, X15 DGB Situp & Reach: Short – Sprint – 1/2 “A”
  4. Walking Lunge X Street, 12 DB Thrusters: 4 X Sprint