Week of 9/6/21: Workouts this week; change with Wed strength workout format;

Hi Folks,

NOTICE: I have no cell phone for 48 hours as we switch carriers (a real pain) due to ATT screw-up. So you can email for now…I’ll see a group of you on Saturday morning for the workout at Seminary.

Hope your Monday was a success; it’s nice to have that extra day off! We found it quite remarkable to see Stinson Beach parking 95% full by 10 am on Sunday! Absolutely packed with families, dogs and sun tents. I haven’t seen it filled so early in a long time. We were wonderfully surprised by a pod of dolphins feeding quite close to shore as we walked the beach.

WEDNESDAY strength training sessions will be one workout from 8:15-9:15 am, not two, starting this week

9/7/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO day. After the warm-up run you’ll get in three sets of tempo pick-ups:

12′ tempo (4′ easy) – 8′ tempo (3′) – 6′ (3′)

9/8/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING day at Warren’s “Madison Av Gym”. We decided to stay with one workout session 8:15-9:15 am (Warren has a 7-8 am group and 9:30 client after we are finished). We’ll do 30-35″ exercise at each station; 25″ to move to next station.

Group 5 x 10 Swings after warm-up.

Deficit KB Sumo Dl

Thoracic Reach Through

X15 Swings

Inverted Row

PVC or weighted bar O’HeadSquats


X15 Swings

R/L Presses

X 5 Goblet Pause Squats

X 15 Swings

KB Rack Carry

9/9/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK on a track in your area. After the warm-up mile or so, some drills, 6 x 30 meter quick cadence short sprints ( controlled speed), 2 x 150 (50). Then:

Five rounds of: (400 (then on 2:30 or 3′) run 200 (200)). Run the 400’s at 5K GP and 200’s at under 5K pace.

9/11/21 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS. 8 AM at Golden Gate Seminary College off Seminary Drive in Mill Valley. You will go up the entry road and park in LOT C where I will also have the exercise stations set up. $15/session so we cover the space rental. Arrive early to get in your warm-up run.

LMK if attending