Week of 9/13/21: Change this week while away; no Sat HR/XT, practice Dipsea

Hi Folks,

Sandy and I received last minute go-ahead to take Sister Marion to the nun’s vacation house near Tahoe City. We leave Tuesday 9/14 and come back Monday 9/20; a rare opportunity to be in Tahoe! That means changes for the Wednesday and Saturday workouts.

View from the nun’s vacation house looking to southerly direction. Very still out, but hazy but no smoke!

Wednesday: I’ll have to see if Warren can lead a 6-station workout for two rounds or workout with your own group. I’ll work on writing up the Circuit. Warren has clients 7-8, and 9:15-10 am so not sure if he’s ready to take on another session. Checking on it.

Saturday HR/XT: There will be no workout at the Golden Gate Seminary College location this Saturday.

A) I suggest those who are running the Dipsea Race on November 7th do a practice Dipsea run on Saturday. You can run an out/back workout from Mill Valley start to top of Dynamite, Rain Forest , or Cardiac and back to save driving time, get in more up and downhill work.

B) Or do a RRGrade course run if you are not in the Dipsea event. Gives you an uphill Tempo run that builds fitness and can’t get hurt on.

9/14/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO run workout. After the warm-up mile or so, get in two repeats:

2 x 12′ of tempo / 5′ easy run between each 12′ bout.


9/16/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK on track. Get in the warm-up 1.5 miles, 6 x30 meter pick-ups, some drills such as skips, butt kicks, fast stepping. Then it’s:

Three rounds of( 600 (200), 400 (on 2:30 or 3′), 200 (200)); then 2 x 150 (50), 4 x 100 (100). for you finish with “fast feet” practice.

9/18/21 SATURDAY..…Hill Repeats are cancelled because we are out of town. Run Dipsea or RRGrade as substitute.