Week of 9/27/21: Workouts this week; no Sat HR/XT

Hi Folks,

A bit of change later this week because I have cataract surgery on Thursday and will have to avoid any exertion for about ten days; therefore, I have to cancel this Saturday’s Hill Repeats.

Congrats Gerald for completing “ The Beast” at the Spartan Championships held at Palisades (formerly called Squaw Valley). Consists of 13 miles over rocky terrain with 30 obstacle and exercise stations; miss one station you do 30 burpees on the spot!

9/28/21 TEMPO workout for this week: After the warm-up mile or so get in 3 x 8′ tempo pick-up at 10K effort level followed by (3′ easy running between each rep).

9/29/21 STRENGTH TRAINING for this week. 8:15-9:15 am workout. We should be able to have you complete two rounds of the Circuit and finish with Trap Bar Deadlifts.

5 x 12 Swings prior to beginning the Circuit;

Deficit KB Sumo Deadlift

Inverted Row


X6 DBL KB Swing Cleans & Front Squat

L. Muay Thai Planks

R. Muay Thai Planks

X15 Swings

KB Figure 8’s

Waiter’s Carry

9/30/21. SPEED-WORK on the track. If you missed running your Max VO2 1.5 mile test last Thursday, get it in this week. Then refer to the chart in last week’s posting to see how your time translates to your oxygen uptake. For this week do THREE rounds of:

800 (200 easy

400 (200)

2 x 200 (200)

that is an 800-400-2 x 200 repeated for three rounds ; all with 200 recovery.

10/02/21 SATURDAY.….Saturday Hill Repeats are cancelled for this week (need more time to recover from eye surgery).