Week of 10/4/21: Modified week ahead…

Hi Folks,

So WEDNESDAY is out and SATURDAY Oct. 9th HR / XT is off as we have the group participating in the Asti Tour de Vine ride near Geyserville. We have a good number from the workout group taking part in this delightful event. I may ride the short distance with casual effort.

Monarch caterpillar just went into Chrysallis ; in about 12 days a Monarch butterfly will emerge. Nature is truly amazing! I was walking by my stack of stanchion bases and saw the caterpillar hanging in a “J” position which indicates they will start the process soon. I happened to catch it on video. Not sure if I can post the video of it shedding its skin.

10/5/21 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After the warm-up run get in 2 x 8′ minutes (4′ easy) and one 4′ modest uphill grade at 5K effort level. One example is Shaver Grade by Phoenix Lake area or Las Galinas Av if on pavement; any upgrade that is about half mile long will do the job.

10/6/21 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING day (or on a Monday/Friday). There will be no class for Wednesday; I post workout for at home:

X 12 Swings / X8 Push-ups ( can be on ground, handles or on incline)

X12 Swings / X 6 Push-ups

X 12 Swings / X5 Push-ups

X 12 Swings / X 4 Push-ups

X4 R/L Lunge Torso Rotations ( emphasize rotating the torso and bring arms to a “T”

X8 R/L DB/KB Stem-ups

X 12 Swings

X 15 Wipers or DB Sit-up and reach

X 12 Swings

X 5 R/L KB Presses

1′ Plank

X 12 Swings

X 8 R;L Side Plank Sweep & Reach with light DB/5 lb plate or full water bottle.

10/7/21 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. Several of the group meet at COM track at 7:30. (make it look informal or college staff will want to charge a fee). After the warm-up, high skips, butt kicks, 4 x 30 meter pick-ups:

2 x 150 (50), 4 x 200 (200) at mile pace, 5 x 600 (200) at 5K pace. By the time you’ve completed two 600’s you should be within two seconds for each rep: pacing practice that is comfortably stressed threshold level…We’ll work you up to 8 x 600 (200) for 3 miles of speed-work. The 600’s will improve your 5K and 10K race times

10/9/21 SATURDAYNo Saturday Hill Repeats this week due to Oct 9th ride event and for me to avoid lifting any weights. If you want to do the Hill Repeats at the Seminary site, see sample workout below.

Those who are running Dipsea on November 7th should be getting a solid run to Cardiac and back!

2x Short

1/2 “A”…….at 5K race pace effort ( not speed)

2 x Sprint….work on the speed and power with Sprint distance.

1 x Short

1 x Long

3 x Sprint,

1 x Short

1/2 “B” + Long …all in one interval, go for sub 3 minutes , keep it under 4′.

Jennifer won the raffle for a good Fuji bike at the Asti Tour de Vine!
Sandy, Ann, Eric, me, Michelle and Janet prior to start of a perfect day for ride in wine country near Cloverdale and Dry Creek vineyards