Week of 2/21/22: Workouts For Tu/Wed/Th/Saturday.

Hi Folks,

2/22/22 TEMPO. Threshold training practice and acclimating your CV system to steady high aerobic effort – but at controlled effort at about 10K race pace (if the tempo was 8-10 miles it would be at marathon GP). After warm-up run:

3′ Tempo to get it started (1′ easy running) – 5′ T (2′ easy) – 7′ T (3′ easy) – 5′ T (2′ easy) – 3′ T and continue to finish. These sessions are at “comfortably stressed” pace; get used to holding a steady hard pace: pays off on race day.

2/23/22 WEDNESDAY. 8:15 am at Warren’s.STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT and Trap Bar Deadlifts 3 x3 finisher. Circuit is 35″ of the exercise / 25″ to move to next station plus partial recovery.

PS.. Alyce will make her appearance !

  1. Deficit Trap Bar DL / on second round of circuit: BB or PVC pipe O’Head Squats
  2. Thread the Needle / Wide Stance R/L leg hamstring stretch
  3. Incline Push-Up / Inverted Row
  4. DGB Sit-up & Reach
  5. Wipers
  6. DBL KB Swings to Front Squat (start each rep from dead start)
  7. R/L KB Presses
  8. Weighted Plank
  9. Hand to Hand Swings
  10. KB Rack Carry / KB Farmer Carry

2/24/22 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK on track. After the warm-up steady mile, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups and drills:

C gp: 8 x 400 (on 3′ including the 400 meter interval, or jog 200)..for 8:30- 9′ pace runners.

B gp: 10 x 400 ( on 2 1/2′ or 3′ for 8- sub 9′ pace runners)

A gp: 12 x 400 (on 2′ if running sub 90 second 400’s)

2/26/22 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS finisher is Trap Bar Deadlifts. 8 am in LOT C at Seminary College off Seminary Drive in Strawberry / Mill Valley area. Arrive a bit earlier for run warm-up or calisthenic /mobility warm-up. LMK if you will be attending.