Week of 2/28/22: Workouts this week; bike ride on 3/6/22; on 3/19/22 Kettlebell 101 Clinic,

HI Folks,

There will be bits of rain/drizzle (not a “storm”) this week, but Saturday HR/XT should be okay as we begin March. BTW next year, during Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb; I may shift our starting time to 8:30 to avoid most of the darkness during the early morning drive to the workout. Note, that this month we switch to Daylight Savings time on March 13th.

3/5/22 NOR CAL JOHN C MEMORIAL 10 Mile race in Redding. 8 am at 2150 Bento Drive. A fast 10 miler and serves as a PA/USATF Championship race.

3/5/22 is the WAY TOO COOL 50K at Cool, CA (near Auburn). Good luck to Judi and others who are tackling this popular ultra run.

3/6/22 Sunday some of us are going on an informal bike ride from Yountville’s little park at the north end of town (starting 8:30 am or earlier for others) to take advantage of cycling on the Silverado Trail because it’s the one day of the year, that there will be NO CAR TRAFFIC from 7 am – noon due to the running of the Napa Marathon.

This is about the best morning to ride Silverado Trail as runners make their way from Calistoga south to Vintage HS in Napa (Trancas exit); they will close it down from two lanes to one lane at half marathon split and also the starting point for the half marathon which is near Cobb Dam road that goes to Hennesey Reservoir. The Yountville Cross Over Rd is at the 18.25 mile point of the marathon; we’ll take it (2M from Yountville) and then ride in the northerly direction for several miles, then turn around and head in the southerly direction with the marathoners and turn -off Silverado Trail on the Oaknolle Ave (about mile 23 of the marathon) for about a mile and continue on Oaknolle Av to the signal light crossover at Hwy 29, get on the Vine Trail Bike Path for 4 miles of dedicated bike path back to Yountville. Officials will likely open Silverado to full traffic flow by noon with a “rolling opening” of Silverado from north to south.

We’ll grab lunch from either the Taco Food Truck or R& D Kitchen restaurant, both within a block of the Yountville Park.

3/19/22 SATURDAY. KETTLEBELL CLASS KB 101. 8-12 at Oakland’s Most Powerful Gym at 2022 Montana St, Oakland for novices and those looking for more detailed instruction on the Swing, Get Up and Goblet Squat and more. Analisa Naldi, Carlos and Melissa are top certified instructors whom I enjoyed meeting two years ago for an all day clinic ( I think this 4 hour session is enough!); it’s fun to see how different instructors approach teaching the various movements. But, don’t delay because as of yesterday there were only seven slots left for the morning class. However, you sign up for the afternoon Kettlebell Class KB 201 from 1-5 pm. It helps if you are familiar with the Swing, Get Up, Goblet Squat; they will add instruction for the Press and more. Can find the clinic on STRONGFIRST.com web site and find the 3/19/22 class.

3/1/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After your warm-up mile or so you’ll acclimate to race pace effort with 3 x 8′ tempo – (4′ easy) between each tempo push. A bit similar to 3 x 1 mile.

3/l2/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT this week. 8:15 am at Warren’s gym. We’ll continue with the ten station Circuit that we go through twice, then do the finisher with Trap Bar Deadlifts.

Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts / BB Overhead Squats

“Thread the Needle” right/left sides / Wide side split stance for groin / hamstring stretch

Inverted Row ( a good exercise for building pull-up strength)

V-Sit Over KB Rotations (this ab exercise is followed by another ab exercise – Wipers.

BB Wipers – working up to using 95# BB weight for women/ 135# for men.

Left, KB Clean & Press

Right, KB Clean & Press

Weighted Plank

2 x 5 heavy KB Swings ( we must get our group to using a heavier KB for general swings.)

KB Rack Carry / KB Bottom-Up Carry.

Finish with Trap Bar Deadlifts and extra reps of Wipers.

3/3/22 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at track. After warm-up mile, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups, 2 x 100 (100), do two rounds of “1000 meter breakdown”

1000 (200) at 10K race pace – 600 at 5K pace, (200) – 400 at under 5K pace (200) – 200 at mile pace (200)

3/5/22 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS/ DEADLIFTS. 8 am ( should be only chance for minimal drizzle, but should be clear as morning progresses). Meet in Lot C at Seminary College in Strawberry/Mill Valley area. Arrive early to get in your warm-up run or calisthenics, and the Warm-Up routine on the white board. The workout consists of exercise stations, hill repeats, sprints, loaded carries , KB Swings and Trap Bar Deadlifts.

Showing up are:

OLYMPIAN RYAN HALL Just Shared His ‘Chop Wood, Carry Water’ Feat of Strength” story.

Olympian RYAN HALL, American record holder for the half marathon (59:43) and marathon (2:04:58) husband of SARA HALL, has transformed his 5’10”, 130 pound runner’s frame into a 190 pound muscular physique. He made the dramatic change because the years of high mileage left him totally depleted, reduced in spirit and enthusiasm and unhealthy.

He then took on his latest challenge: Chop a cord of wood (a stack 4′ wide, 4′ high, 8′ long), then run two large empty water chugs 6.3 miles down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon; fill them each with 62 lbs of water and carry them both Farmer Carry style 6.3 miles back up to the top. He began the wood chopping at 6:30 am; the trek down and up the Grand Canyon took until about 9:30 in the evening to complete the challenge. He said it was the most difficult task he has ever done….(can see the YouTube video online). Makes our Saturday Hill Repeats and Farmer Carry seem quite tame) …