Week of 3/7/22: Workouts this week, results, Daylight Savings on Sat night…

Hi folks,

Results: Last weekend the very popular Way Too Cool 50K took place with over 500 finishers completing the 31 miler near the town of Cool, CA. It’s been run some 32 years now and is a fixture on the ultra running circuit. JUDI SHAFFER, 62, of our workout group took 8th in her division with a 7:37:20; instead of full work day, she got in a long run! Way to do it, Judi!

TOKYO INT MARATHON last weekend. Eliud Kipchoge put it all on the line again to win another Major (Berlin in September) against a very tough field of elite runners with a 2:02:40! The 10K in 28:37; half marathon in 61:03 and a 14:25 split from 25K to 30K. I’m so impressed that he develops a training program that executes a winning performance on the day it counts! Three ran under 2:05:00, 10 < 2:08:00, 22 < 2:09:00, 27 < 2:10:00, 33 < 2:11:00 (that’s 5 minute pace!), 50< under 2:15:00.

Women’s division was won in 2:16;02 by BRIGID KOSGEI the WR holder that she set at Chicago Marathon with a 2:14 plus. Five women under 2:20:00, 13 < 2:30:00, and 20 under 2:40:00! amazing depth!

3/8/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO run. After the warm-up mile, pick up the pace to threshold effort and do: 12′ tempo (4′ easy) – 8′ tempo (3′ easy) – 4′ tempo; then continue with a run to the finish. Your concentrating on very steady pace that’s at an effort of “comfortably stressed”,high aerobic, but controlled effort; all out effort is reserved for race day. Here we’re acclimating your body to no rest long intervals so when it comes time to race it’s not a shock to your system.

3/9/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT. 8:15 am start at Warren’s. After the warm-up routine with ROM and mobility exercises we’ll do the Circuit with 35″ exercising followed by 25″ moving to the next station and rest.

One-Arm KB O’Head Squats (left arm, second round right arm)

Thread the Needle

DB R/L Step – Ups

Incline Push-Ups

Alt R/L Leg V-Ups

“Thick Grip” BB Romanian Deadlifts/ “Thick Grip” BB Bent Rows

Left KB Clean & Press

Right KB Clean & Press

Hand to Hand Swings

BB Farmer Carry / Bottom-Up Carry

Bonus “Row To Hell” on a row machine: Row 500 meters for time (rest the same time it took you to row the 500); then row 400 with same rest time it took to row the 400; then 300 with same pattern, then 200 and finally 100 meters. A demanding all-out effort, i.e., total work capacity that requites legs, arms and back at the same time. Alternative is with a partner using the “I go, you go,” format where you row as your partner rows. Great format also for alternating KB Swings!

2000 meter Row for time. This is the Olympic rowing distance and all-out test of muscular endurance and cardiovascular capacity. Every February they hold the international competition (CRASH B Sprints) at one of the Eastern seaboard colleges; line up about 100 rowing machines. A time of 7 minutes is super, 8 minutes excellent, 9 plus is the time I did, and boy, my legs were jello trying to stand up after I finished! Give it trial run. “Erging” i.e., rowing on a rowing machine builds all-around fitness and provides a no impact exercise for those dealing with knee issues, shin splints, plantar fasciitis and more.

3/10/22 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at a track. A bit different today so you build some leg turnover and fitness. After the warm-up mile or so, 4-6 x 30 meters, skips, butt-kicks:

12 x 200 (200), but at one of three levels:

A gp ( sub 6′ pace runners) < 40″; B gp (sub 7′ ) 50″; C gp (sub 9′ pace) < 60″. You can run fewer reps to 8, 9, or 10 reps of 200; depends on your base.

Bonus workout with a Strength and Aerobic challenge: For beginners do a 1 x Deadlift with 20# over body weight followed by a 1 Mile Fast Run on the same day. The more extreme version is a 500# Deadlift followed by a 5 minute mile ( helps to be young when tackling this one).

3/12/22 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS/ Swings, Trap Bar Deadlifts. 8 am in Lot C of Seminary College parking lot off Seminary Drive in Strawberry/ Mill Valley. Arrive early to get in a short run and warm-up routine.