Week of 3/28/22: Workouts Tue/Wed/Th/Sat.

Hi Folks,

For THURSDAY’s speed-work, we’ll incorporate a variation on the 6 x 30 meter pickups with “suicides” or “To me’s” on the football field. (see below)

We’ll on again with our Hill Repeats/XT this Saturday (4/2/22) at the Seminary College in Lot “C” at 8 am; we should have clear weather for the training session. A reminder to run the “Sprint” and “Short” distances with strong effort at mile pace; the the “Half” and “Long” distances at 5K effort level. Effort is kept at a high aerobic, yet controlled level, to develop strong leg push-off which translates to faster trail and road racing. Note, that when you run the 30 meter Sprints; run out 30 meters to the cone, touch hand to the ground, then sprint back to the start. Time to develop basic leg turnover to the next level.

TRAINING TIP: After two years or so of living with the threat of COVID, change with the work day, a reduced social life, eating and activity altered, and more. You may find your attitude to “working out” had to change to avoid making it another stress.

It is perfectly fine to reduce the intensity and volume of running, cycling, swimming mileage and bring it down to a more relaxed level. It’s what I call “Getting it in” more gently by reducing the sets, reps and intensity with weight training, and adding more yoga / stretching, weight training.

3/29/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO run, i.e., getting the body acclimated to distance running race pace effort. After a warm-up mile pick it up to that “comfortably stressed” level for:

4′ Tempo – (2′ easy”, 8′ T – (3′ easy), 6′ T (2′ easy), 4′ T , then continue to finish the run.

3/30/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT , plus Trap Bar Deadlifts. 8:15 am at Warren’s gym. Be sure to get in strap shoulder rotations, DB/KB Halos, some Goblet Squats and Hip Raises.

Deficit KB Sumo Deadlifts / BB O’Head Squats

“Thread the Needle” ( emphasis on torso rotation)

Incline Push-Ups

X5 DB or KB Goblet Squats (with pause at bottom of “6 o’clock ” position. Going for form)


Left KB or DB Clean & Press

Right, KB or DB Clean & Press

Weighted Plank with 25#, 35#, 45# plate on your back

2-3 x 5 Heavy KB Swings

Farmer Carry / Rack Carry

SHORT WORKOUT for on your own: 2-3 times:

X5 Trap Bar Deadlift or with KB; X5 R/L KB /DB Presses, 12 Swings, and X6 to each side DB “Plank Drag”

3/31/22 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. at a track….After your mile warm-up we’ll introduce a bit different quick cadence routine on the football field where each 10 yards is marked with bold numbers.

Two rounds of: (1 x 20 meter run/ walk back to start; 2 x 20 meters run out, touch ground, sprint back to start; 2 x 10 meters run out-touch-run back); then

(200 (200), 400 (200), 600 (200), 400 (200), 200 (200)).

4/2/22 SATURDAY. Hill Repeats/XT/Sprints/Loaded Carries/ Trap Bar Deadlifts. 8 am in Lot “C” at Seminary College off Seminary Drive in Strawberry/Mill Valley. Arrive early to get in your warm-up run.