Week of 4/4/22: Workouts this week, results..

Hi Folks,

Posting our schedule for this week will be done in spurts due to interruptions during the high school Spring Break week. I’m waiting for a group picture of our participants in Sunday’s Lava Man Triathlon held on part of the Ironman course on the big island north of Kona. Apparently winds were fierce on race day which greatly affected the swim and bike disciplines; as a result time goals were thrown out the window and it became a day of getting through it!

Dave, Kathleen, Kevin Lelani after the windy Lava Man Triathlon
Judi at transition!

4/5/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout (or run with the TL distance runners at Bear Valley probably about 10:15; we meet at TL at 9:30, then head out. Bovine after the run). After warm-up mile 12′ tempo (4′ easy run) – 8′ tempo (3′ easy run) – 5′ tempo, then run to finish.

4/6/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT, Trap Bar Deadlifts. 8:15 am at Warren’s. CIRCUIT (to be posted later)

A simple and different but effective workout that’s not High Intensity Training (HIT), but more high density called Time Volume Training (TVT) by Nick Nilsson. Pick a weight you use for 10 reps for say, bench press (or weighted vest with push-ups), squats or presses with good form and no over straining.

Do only 3 reps / followed by 10″ rest and repeat the pattern until you cannot do more reps with good form. That may take 5 minutes and could be enough for an introductory day. Next time do the 3 rep / 10″ rest pattern; when tired do:

3 reps / 20″ rest and repeat the pattern until form falters; and switch to

3 reps /30″ rest….This way you are only changing the rest period, getting in more reps and sets while staying strong. As you tire you’re doing fewer sets with more rest; that is the quality is lasting longer. The resistance keeps going up….more on this later.

4/7/22 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at track.

4/9/22 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS / TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8 am on Lot “C” at Seminary College, off Seminary Drive. Arrive earlier to get in a warm-up run and shoulder/legs/hip routine.

LMK if attending.

Notes on lifts:

“Thrusters”: Your thighs should break parallel plane, then rise up quickly with explosive thrust.

” DB Side Plank Sweep & Reach”: Use modest weight (usually 8-12 lbs) to sweep under torso then out and up to vertical in deliberate motion; eliminate momentum

“Iron Crosses”: You’re on your back with arms outstretched; raise right leg to vertical and bring over towards left hand with emphasis on rotating torso. Bring right leg back up to vertical, down straight; pick up left leg to vertical and bring over to right hand. Repeat six times to each side.