Week of 4/10/22: Workouts for this week, results, training.

Hi Folks,

Update on 4/14/22: I just learned that our Saturday HR/XT Lot “C” ( and other lots) have been rented this Saturday, 4/16/22 to park 60 plus trucks for a film company. ; so I have cancelled the 4/16/22 workout. There is also a chance for rain Saturday morning. Now the other bad news: the rest of the April Saturdays (4/23, 4/30) are out due to the Bike Around the Buttes on the 23rd and we’ll be with Sister Marion at the Dominican Nun’s vacation house in Santa Cruz (4/30) for Sandy’s birthday week. Then on Saturday, May 7th is the Wine Century Ride in Santa Rosa which sold out by mid March!

4/11/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout for this week. After the warm-up mile, you’ll run:

3 x 6′ Tempo (2′ easy between each 6′ pick-up). I have you keep the recovery jog short because you’re running the tempo piece at a high aerobic level, but controlled effort.

4/12/22 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT. 8:15 at Warren’s gym. Circuit entails 35″ of exercise; 25″ moving to next station and recovery. Two rounds of the Circuit and finish with 3 x 3 Deadlifts

Deficit Trap Bar Squats / x6 O’Head Squats on second round

“Kneeling Thread the Needle”

Incline Push-Ups / Inverted Row

R/L Alt Foot-To-Hand Placement (mobility work)

BB Wipers

X6 DBL KB Swing Cleans (don’t rush the reps, use hip snap & “retraction movement” with arms

R/L KB Presses

Weighted Plank (with 25# or 35# plate on your back)

X 15 KB Swings

KB Rack Carry / Farmer Carry

4/13/22 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at a track. After the usual warm-up mile, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups, high skips, butt kicks, 2 x 100 (100). A bit different workout today: we’ll have you include some bodyweight strength exercises to go with the intervals. Two Rounds through the five exercises, i.e., go through the set once; then repeat.

25 Jumping Jacks / 200 (200)

30 Mtn Climbers total / 200 (200)

10 R/L Alternating Single Leg “V-Ups” / 200 (200)

6 Burpees / 200 (200)

10 Prisoner Squats / 200 (200)

4/15/22 SATURDAY. SATURDAY HR/XT/SPRINTS/LOADED CARRIES & Trap Bar Deadlifts. Is Cancelled due to our Lot C and others being rented out for a film company’s use.