Week of 10/10/22: Workouts this week; shorter strength routine; Sat HR/XT is on for 10/15.

Hi Folks,

Building, maintaining strength and lean body mass (LBM). A mix of strength training, safe explosive movements, a modest amount of cardiovascular exercise, and maintaining mobility becomes more important as we age. Strength declines 10-15% per decade after age 35; power declines by 17-23%; mobility is down 20% by age 50. Then it drops by 1% per year after that milestone!

How can we slow down the slide of strength, LBM and work capacity? Studies have shown that strength and some lBM during 70’s and 80’s – very encouraging! I try to include a variety of sets and reps, movements to work neuromuscular system, cardiovascular energy system and mobility exercises. Our workout group members engage in running, cycling, rowing, triathlons and strength training; the challenge is to balance how much time we give to our varied interests. I have definitely put an emphasis on strength training twice per week to help slow the decline in strength, loss of muscle and bone density. I’d probably reduce the volume of CV training and up the strength program during age 50 on up. For example, I love my outdoor cycling and riding with Sandy three days per week, and participating in 100K and 50K events. I am aware that the more hours I spend on the bike, the more leg strength I lose; I need to counter the decline in leg strength with weight and kettlebell training. Striking a happy balance with endurance exercise and maintaining strength takes time, but it is a full challenge.

West Dry Creek Road goes along nine miles of vineyards in Alexander Valley, part of the 100K course with Asti Tour de Vine on 10/8/22 – on a perfect Fall Day! ( Sandy, Eric, Ann in photo)

Emily Sisson just broke the American Women’s Marathon Record at the Chicago Marathon last Sunday in 2:18:29. The nice touch; the two former record holders, Deena Kastor and Keira D’Amato were at the finish line to congratulate Emily on setting the new US record. Kastor broke Joan Benoit Samuelson’s record in 2003 with a 2:19:36 at the London Marathon and held it for over 15 years until D’Amato ran 2:19:12 also in London. She held the record since last January when Sisson set the new record! D’Amato is 37 years old, spent seven years away from the sport, she got married, had two kids and works as a realtor. Way to put it all together!

Sisson ran negative splits with a 69:26 first half followed by a 69:03 second half: darn good pacing! She ran her fastest 5K split from 35K-40K in 16:19. Also running a gutsy performance was the winner was Ruth Chepngetich of Kenya in 2:14:18; just off the world record. She ran the first half in a remarkable 65:44 at a 5 minute per mile pace; a bit too fast, as she lost three minutes over the second half with a 68:34. Runners at every level can easily go out too quickly and end up slowing down towards the end of the race.

Running in his debut marathon was Connor Mantz, 25, the two time NCAA XC champion and 27:25 10,000 meter runner who came up 20 seconds short of the debut record with a 2:08:16. I’d say that is an impressive first marathon time! Connor said he had run 25.5 miles in practice, but lost time over the last mile. I’d say that running a last mile in 5 minutes is still a terrific pace. We will see more of Connor during the next few years, I’m sure.

New Kona Ironman World Championships course record: More records set last weekend! Gustav Iden, of Norway was six minutes plus behind when he began the marathon portion of the race. He gradually reeled in Sam Laidlow of France to take the lead and would run the first sub 6-minute pace marathon with a 2:36:15 and set the finish time bar of 7:40:24. His splits: 2.4M swim in 48:23, a bike in 4:11:06 and the 2:36:15 marathon. It doesn’t seem possible to execute those splits in the humid heat of Hawaii. Laidlow set a CR time of 4:04:36 for the 112 bike discipline! ( I’m happy if I complete 100K on a flat course in that time). Ten talented competitors finished under 8 hours; I can remember when breaking nine hours was ( and still is ) a huge milestone!

The women’s division was equally remarkable when Chelsea Sodaro, a mom who had her baby 18 months before the race, and fierce competitor finished the tough course in 8:33:46 which included a 2:51:45 marathon! In addition six women finished under nine hours! Doesn’t seem possible under those humid conditions and hilly cycling terrain.

10/11/22 TUESDAY. TEMPO runs beginning with a warm-up tempo piece after the warm-up mile. Then it’s: 4′ Tempo (1′ easy running) – 6′ T (2′ Easy) – 8′ T (3′) – 5′, then moderate pace to finish. Run the Tempo pieces at 10K to half marathon pace.

10/12/22 WEDNESDAY. KB Swings – STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT – Trap Bar DL. 8:15 AM start. Arrive 8’ish to get in mobility exercises prior to the swings. 4 x 15 Swing reps OTM

Deficit KB Sumo Deadlift / Cycle Squat

R/L Leg Over “Iron Crosses”

Inverted Row (after you execute good reps; then do an isometric hold)

Left Bulgarian Squats with trailing foot on flat bench

Right Bulgarian Squats with trailing foot on flat bench


DBL KB Cleans x 6

X 6 Alt L/R Standing Presses

Weighted Plank

KB “Figure 8’s”

Waiters Carry / Farmers Carry

Finisher: After the Circuit get in 3 x 3 Trap Bar Deadlifts

Shorter/at Home Workout:

3-4 rounds: ((1-15 Swings) – ( 8-12 Push-Ups) – (X 3 One-Arm O’Head KB R/L Reverse Lunges ) – (X6 R/L One-Arm KB/DB Rows ) – (45′ Weighted Plank) -( X 4 KB or BB Deficit Deadlifts)). Not too much volume but it is still productive for when you’re short on time.

10/13/22 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK on your local track. After your warm-up mile, drills, 6 x 30 meter quick cadence pick-ups, 2 x 150 (50).

A gp ( sub 6′ pace): 10 x 400 (on the 2′)

B gp (sub 8′ pace): 8 x 400 (on 2:30)

C gp (sub 9′ pace): 6 x 400 (on 3′)

10/15/22 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS/ TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:30 AM start in Lot C of the Seminary College ( 201 Seminary Drive, in Strawberry). Arrive about 8:10 after I unlock and remove the lock to the entrance to Lot C. If you want a longer run simply park down along Seminary Drive; then drive up to Lot C to park.