Week of 2/27/23: Workouts this week for Tu/Wed/Th/Saturday and Napa Valley ride

Hi folks,

UPDATE on Saturday, 3/4/23, 6:50 PM: Changing meeting time for NAPA MARATHON day ride to 9 AM: best chance for simply cloudy conditions. ( see below).

UPDATE on Friday, 3/3/23: Another wet week ahead for us all; we’ll have to get in training between the bouts of inclement weather; it changes by the day as to when it will rain. We will NOT hold the Saturday HR/XT workout: it will be raining right during our workout time slot.

This Sunday, 3/5/23 some of us are planning to ride in Napa Valley on the Silverado Trail which will be blocked from any car traffic present that morning while the marathon is in progress. Weather will be cloudy, chance for some rain with partial sun coming out about noon. Some of you may opt not to come and ride with the overcast weather and chance for rain.

Members of our group can choose to ride most any distance they like to fit their mileage base. We’ll see what the forecast is by Friday. A good day to put in a longer ride than normal as some of you prepare for the April 15th Bike Around the Buttes. (See below for more details.)

Boys 3000 meter start this Saturday morning. Very cold temperature plus wind and rain at Archie Williams HS track. My hands were totally numb calling out splits! After three events all coaches voted to stop the competition!
Second pack of the Girls 3000 meter run- dominated by Redwood HS. Both the girls and boys hung in there to complete their races. What a morning!

2/28/23 TUESDAY. TEMPO run. It will be a rainy day, so wear the appropriate apparel, i.e., rain gear; keep the run going with a little less quality and get in 12 minutes of tempo after the first mile; then finish with a steady run. Then get out of the inclement weather; then stretch/foam roll at home.

3/1/23 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT/SWINGS/TRAP BAR DEADLIFT. 8:15 AM at Warren’s gym. Arrive a bit earlier to get in your mobility warm-up exercises prior to the Circuit. Elizabeth will get in her 2000 meter erg baseline for time prior to the Circuit.

Right, 1-arm KB O’Head Squat

Left, 1-arm KB O’Head Squat

R/L “Thread the Needle” / Squat to Stand Hamstring Stretches

Inverted Row / Incline Push-Ups

R/L Foot to Hand Placements / Exercise Ball Hamstring Curls


DBL KB Clean & R/L Presses

Right, Muay Thai side planks

Left, Muay Thai Side Planks

KB Figure 8’s / 2 x 6 Heavier KB Swings

KB Rack Carry / KB Farmer Carry

Finish with 3 x 3 Trap Bar Deadlifts and if up for it: 2) 250 meter Row while partner does Rack Carry or Farmer Carry for the time period it takes to complete the row; then switch.

3/2/23 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. Some of the group meet in the free gravel parking lot by the PE complex at 7:45 for a warm-up run prior to doing the track workout. 6 x 30 meter pick-ups; 2 x 150 (50).

6 x 400 (200) – 2 x 300 (100) – 2 x 200 (200).


3/5/23 SUNDAY. Napa Valley ride day starting from Yountville. We meet 9 AM ( note time change)by the little park at the north end of town. I suggest the earlier start because the Napa Marathon starts at 7:30 AM at the northern Calistoga end of Silverado Trail. The runners run south on Silverado while it is closed to traffic and turn right off Silverado onto Oak Knoll Ave (22.75 mile point) to finish at Vintage HS in Napa. The organizers will do a rolling opening of the road as the runners progress south on Silverado. We take the Yountville Crossover road for two miles across the valley then go left (north) on Silverado trail (the 18 mile point of the marathon).

We’ll be able to cheer on most of the runners as they run south on Silverado trail; then turn around as we approach the tail end of the runners’ field. Riders can ride back and return via the Yountville Crossover, or continue the 5 miles to the Oak Knoll Ave turn off, continue on it westward for two miles, cross Hwy 29, then take the wide Napa Valley Vine Trail back to Yountville which parallels the Wine Train tracks.

This a photo from our Mustard Ride a couple of years ago that shows off that bright yellow mustard bloom