Week of 3/6/23: Workouts this week.

Hi Folks,

Looks to be on and off bad weather this week; we’ll have to see how Saturday weather will look like. Those preparing for some of the upcoming charity rides may need to obtain rain shell pants, booties and rain jacket to get in cycling time. It shouldn’t be too bad because the rain showers are spread out throughout the day.

Judi at 20 mile point of Napa Marathon cheering on the runners. We were able to cycle on Silverado Trail without any cars on the road.
Spectacular cloud formations that morning. We
were lucky and had only five minutes of rain.
Kevin, Eric, Sandy and I were riding along San Antonio Road area and the Narrows when we came upon two cyclists working on their bikes- and carrying a Dutch flags on their panniers. I got in some good Dutch practice with Mauritz and Marten and learned they were on a six week cycling tour from Vancouver to Los Angeles ( they want see Hollywood). We all made the observation that are so many tall people in Holland!
We took them to lunch and coffee at Dr.Insomniac’s in Novato, shared stories; then rode with them until we had to part ways near Ignacio. Always enjoyable to meet fellow cyclists touring our country!

3/7/23 TEMPO. After the warm-up mile 8′ tempo (2′ easy) – 13′ tempo (run to the finish of the workout easy)

3/8/23 STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT/SWINGS/TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:15 AM at Warren’s. Arrive a bit early to get in the mobility movements warm-up. We’ll also do the usual 5 x 12 KB Swings; then the Circuit. Elizabeth will row 2000 meters for her warm-up prior to start of Circuit.

R. 1- Arm O’head Squats

L. 1- Arm O’Head Squats

R/L Squat to Stand Hamstring Squats

R/L “Thread the Needle”

Right Hand DB Row

Left Hand DB Row

Exercise Ball Hamstring Curl


DBL KB Clean & R/L Presses

Right , Muay Thai Planks

Left , Muay Thai Planks

KB Figure 8’s / 2 x 6 KB Heavy Swings

Rack Carry / Farmer Carry

Finish with Trap Bar Deadlifts 3 x 3.

3/9/23 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. Some of the workout group meet at 7:45 in free dirt parking lot by PE Complex for warm-up run., 6 x 30 meters> If it is raining get in a 2 mile time trial , keep things moving; then it’s out of there. If weather is okay do:

4-5 rounds of: ((600 (200) – 400 (then on the 2:30 or 3′) – 200 (200))…The 600 at 5K race pace, the 400 a bit faster and 200 at mile pace.

3/11/23 Saturday. CIRCUIT TRAINING/Sprints/loaded carries/ Swings. 9 AM at Warren’s gym/garage located at 148 Madison Ave, San Rafael – just two blocks from the Civic Center. Take N.San Pedro exit -East. Continue East on N. San Pedro from the signal light for two blocks; left in Washington, to end of block, right on Madison Ave (a dead en street) to fourth house on right – directly across from National Guard Armory. If there is insufficient parking you can go back out to the light, go right for a long block and turn into the Jury parking lot. Go to East end of the lot and park near the side entrance gate to Madison Av. It’s only 100 yards to the gym.

Deficit KbSumo Deadlift

Right, Half Kneeling Windmill

Left, Half Kneeling Windmill

Inverted Row

DBL KB Swing Cleans to Front Squat


Left, KB Clean and Press

Right, KB Clean and Press

Land Mine 180 Rotations/ Squat to Press

X 15 Swings

Farmer Carry /Rack Carry

Finish with 3×3 Trap Bar Deadlifts