Week of 3/27/23 Workouts, Training.

Hi Folks,

Another week with uncertain weather is on the menu; you’ll have to work around inclement weather days to get in any training. We’ll have to check on the weather later in the week to see if we hold the Saturday HR/XT workout.

I’ll have another specific practice to improve your race pacing you can develop accurately develop on the track. (see below).

Kevin and. Kathleen did the Lavaman Triathlon last weekend – and chalked up extra experiences with Parasailing and a helicopter ride over the beautiful and rugged island landscape.

3/28/23 TUESDAY. TEMPO training. Today will be rainy with high winds so I don’t see you running tempo, but change it for a quick 35 minute run; then get dry!


3/30/23 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. After the warm-up mile, running drills and 6 x 30 meter pick-ups. The theme is to practice pacing utilizing 400’s because accurate pacing to determine perceived effort is one of the main ingredients for successful optimal racing.

The 400 meter track oval provides you an accurate tool to develop pacing and the perceived effort that goes with it. I’ve seen multiple track and road race efforts blown due to runners usually going out too quickly in the first quarter to half mile. Here is one practice session you can do making use of the exact distances that a track provides to master pacing with 400 meter repeat intervals. For example, if your goal is to achieve perfect 8 minute pace running use your stopwatch to check your 200 meter split: try to achieve a one minute time and then hit two minutes at the end of the 400 meters. Do this over the first 2 x 400 meter runs; then on the next 2 x 400 meter intervals without looking at the 200 split, only note your finish. Try to reach the two – minute mark each time. Continue with the same pattern until you can nail the 400 meter time within two seconds or less; ideally reach the 400 meters exactly on target!

Running the first mile of a 10K too quickly means you can’t recover. If anything, running the first 1-2 miles a bit too slowly allows you to run a negative split i.e., the second half faster than the first half – and a best time.

Learn disciplined pacing that’s appropriate for your level of fitness and I will guarantee you a PR!

A gp (sub 6:30 pace group): 12 X 400 on 2′ or 2:30.

B gp (Sub 8′ pace group): 8-10 x 400 on 2:30

C gp (sub 9′ pace group): 6-8 X 400 on 3′.

4/1/23 SATURDAY. HR/XT/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS/SWINGS & TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 9 AM. (We’ll see how the weather will be for Saturday). On Lot “C” of the Seminary college at 201 Seminary Drive