Week of 4/3/23: Workouts this week; Tuesdays change, Dipsea prep is in full motion, Sat. HR/XT is on.

Hi Folks,

Looks like we’re in for a few windy days, but then it will warm up so we can all get in much needed training under better conditions. Those of you gearing up for Dipsea will begin with adding the Tuesday four minute uphill repeats to ramp up your fitness ( see Tuesday below) and building that longer run of 10-13 miles over rolling terrain. Then schedule in about six runs on the Dipsea course from the latter part of April through May; I’ve found that more course runs won’t make much difference in your course time; you’re still working on other hilly courses and a variety of regular hill repeats.

4/4/23 TUESDAY. Beginning a specific HILL WORKOUT : Four minute uphill repeats. These repeats are based on the findings of Norwegian researchers: solid effort long uphill repeats improved fitness dramatically in runners. They found that too many runners weren’t particularly “fit” as they thought; adding these upgrade runs improved their running fitness and efficiency.

We’ll have you warm-up with a mile run, then three 15″ uphill repeats to get the legs ready for the longer uphill push. Select a hill grade that you can run at 5K effort without struggling; you want to be able to run it at a steady pace with good a good cadence.

Begin with 2-3 x the 4′ hill with easy recovery jog back down the hill. After the repeats do 1-2 miles of recovery running followed by stretching. We’ll be increasing the reps every couple of weeks. During April build that long run to ten miles over rolling to hilly terrain.

4/5/23 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT/SWINGS/TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:15 AM start. Arrive a bit earlier to do mobility exercises and Swings.

Deficit KB Sumo DL / BB Front Squats x 5

Left, 1/2 KB/DB Kneeling Windmills

Right, 1/2 KB/DB Kneeling Windmills

Right, DB/KB 1-Arm Rows

Left, DB/KB 1-Arm Rows

Wipers / Hanging Knee Tucks

Left, KB Half Kneeling Press

Right, KB Half Kneeling Press

Landmine Thrusters / 180 rotations

Weighted Plank / DB Plank Drag

Rack Carry / Farmer Carry

4/6/23 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. Run a warm-up mile, drills, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups.

Two rounds of: (2 x 100 (100) – 2 x 200 (200) – 2 x 400 (on 2:30 or 3′) – 1 x 600 (200)).

4/8/23. SATURDAY. HR/XT/SPRINTS/LOADED CARRIES/TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 9 AM start. Meet in Lot C of the Seminary College ( 201 Seminary Drive), Strawberry area of Mill Valley. Arrive a bit earlier to get in your warm-up mobility exercises and a few run pick-ups.