Week of 5/1/23: Workouts this week, no SAT/HR/XT, training tips

Hi Folks,

Looks Monday through Wednesday will be overcast but should not affect outdoor training except for possibly on Tuesday.. You are now in the training month of May and have 4-5 weeks of Dipsea preparation left to go: make it count! Quality hill training and practicing on the course will also you require rest and easy days: don’t try to cram the hill training! You will end up with “stale” legs that may not recover by race day. I’ve learned to definitely space out the quality workouts on the Dipsea course with the important rest days. Remember, you’ll still need that 10-13 miler distance run over rolling trail terrain to build the endurance to push the hilly Dipsea race course.

Tackling the 673 steps changes dramatically with age. When I was under 40 I could run/jog the three sets of stairs of reaching the top under eight minutes. Then it changed to an alternating run/walk method then; finally slowed to a steady walk with lots of pulling on the handrails and hand pushing off the thighs in order to simply get the steps completed and still have the legs to increase the pace to a run through the Flying Y section clear the top of Windy Gap. Don’t expend too much energy for a short section of the course; you’ll pay for it by the time you take on Dynamite and the Hogsback sections.

There will be NO Saturday HR/XT this week due a number of us participating in the WINE COUNTRY CENTURY or 34 MILER on Saturday, May 6th. Note that I will also be out of town on Saturday 5/13/23 .

What I learned coming back from the relatively severe Covid experience: take it slower with extra days of rest and more easy and shorter training sessions. One training session 3-4 days per week of one day endurance (short) and one strength training day followed by a no activity day. This is not like coming back from the flu where one gets over it; then within a short period of time you’re back to normal training. I still need a nap in the afternoon. If I overdo a practice day I can feel the Covid ache and fatigue set in: stop short of it. It’s a process of “Hurry up slowly,” but the training will improve over time.

Dave, Judi and I did go up to the Wine Country Century event and opted to ride the 34 miler instead of 100K. We arrived in a drizzly rain, by 9:30 it stopped, but we ride through three light showers for the remainder of the scenic ride. Numbers were down for the event probably due to the rainy January through April. Santa Rosa Cycling Club does a superb marking the course and provided well stocked aid stations.

rainy start
Coffee at first aid station!
The sun came out!

KELVIN KIPTUM who ran his second remarkable 2:01 marathon at the London Marathon with a 2:01:25 very close to Kipchoge’s 2:01:09 set at the Berlin Marathon last September which works out to 14:21 per 5K!. Kiptum ran the second half under 60 minutes with a 4:29 per mile from 30Km (18.6 miles) to the finish. He blasted a 27:50 10K split from 30Km-40Km. The twenty-three old had given his all as he sprawled on the ground after crossing the finish line.

5/2/23 TUESDAY. TEMPO or HILLY COURSE training. If you are low on necessary mileage make this a steady 5-7 mile run to boost your basic weekly mileage; add 2 x 4′ pick-ups if you want to add some tempo.

5/3/23 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT/SWINGS/TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 8:15 AM at Warren’s. Arrive early to get in mobility exercises prior to the group getting in 5 x 12 Swings.

Right, Low Step Reverse Lunge

Left, Low Step Reverse Lunge

Left KB Bottom Half Get-Up

Incline Push-Ups

Right, KB Bottom Half Get-Up

BB Romanian Deadlift / Hanging Knee Tucks

Left, Half Kneeling KB Press

Right, Half Kneeling KB Press

180 Landmine Rotations

2 X 6 Heavy Swings

Exercise Ball (“Stir The Pot”

Rack Carry / DBL KB Waiters Carry

Finisher: Trap Bar Deadlifts

5/4/23 SPEED-WORK at your local track. Working on the 800 meter repeats at 5K pace to build fitness for any road racing and trail running. After the mile warm-up, stride-outs, drills, 6 x 30 meter pick-ups, 2 x 100 (1000; you’ll select the appropriate number of 800’s.

A gp. 6 x 800 (200 easy jog recovery)….for those running at 6′ pace 5K race pace, i.e., 3′ minutes or less.

B gp. 5 x 800 (200) for those running 7-7:45 pace

C gp: 4 x 800 (200) for those running slower than 8′ pace.

Learn to run the 800 pacing by checking each 200 meter split so that you end up within 1-2 seconds of your time goal.Then practice your pacing ability by checking only the 400 split.

3/6/23. SATURDAY HR/XT will not be held this Saturday to a number of the group riding the WINE COUNTRY CENTURY/34 miler in the Dry Creek Road area and Russian River Wine Growing Region.