Week of 5/15/23: Workouts back on this week: Wednesday (Circuit), Thursday (“5K Predictor”); Saturday (HR/XT) is tentative.

Hi Folks,

See below regarding SAT HR/XT: I need a head count by 5 pm for five or more showing up so we break even. Coming so far: Kevin, TJ, Ron S, Shirley, Andy, Paula, Lisa, Chris. WE ARE ON for Saturday morning.

We are back after a week in Santa Cruz with Sister Marion at the Dominican Nun’s vacation house set on a small hill overlooking the ocean. It was a special treat to stay there with walks and rides during the day. That explains why I did not post a blog last week. Now we are back and I’ll be updating over the next couple of days; we are addressing family and friend challenges this week.

Sandy and I both find that after the strong bout of Covid it is taking time to come back to capacity. It requires modified strength and endurance training. I still have to nap in afternoon after a regular outdoor session, but it’s gradually improving. It’s a reminder one has to listen to their body with regard totraining and recovery.

5/16/23 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout over flat or mildly rolling terrain. After a warm-up mile you’ll repeats at 10K race pace. Three times 6′ tempo (1:30 easy run between each 6′ tempo.

5/17/23 WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING CIRCUIT/SWINGS/TRAP BAR DEADLIFT. 8:15 AM at Warren’s Gym. Arrive a bit earlier to get in mobility and warm-up exercises. We’ll get in our 5 x 12 Swings prior to the two rounds of the 10-11 station Circuit.

Regular KB Sumo DL / KB “Booty Squat” R/L x 5

Left, KB Kneeling Windmill Rotations

Right, KB Kneeling Windmill Rotations

Incline Push-ups

Seated Leg Lifts Over KB

Romanian DL / Hang

DBL KB Clean & See-Saw Press

Weighted Plank

Landmine Thrusters x 6 / 180 LMine Rotations

Heavy KB Swings 2 x 6

Farmer Carry / Rack Carry

Finisher; Deadlifts 3×3

5/18/23 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK at your local track. The 5K Predictor workout which will give you very good approximate 5K time developed by two Ph.D. runner/students at North Carolina, if I remember correctly. In addition the exercise is a good high quality tempo workout. After a warm-up mile, 6 x 30 meters and 2 x 100 (100). Have a pen and pad or 3 x 5 card handy to write down the data.

You’ll run 3 x 1600 meters ( 4 laps on the track) at a best pace you think you can hold for each 1600 meters, and take EXACTLY one minute rest between each 1600. Average the three 1600 meter times and multiply by 3.125 and you should be about 15″ of your 5K time.

The exercise will help you zero in on the proper pacing by checking your even 400 splits so you produce your best times; eventually getting each split within 2″ of each other.

5/20/23 SATURDAY. HR/XT/SPRINTS/ LOADED CARRIES/ SWINGS/ TRAP BAR DEADLIFTS. 9 AM start. Workout is a go!….. in LOT C of the Seminary College, on 201 Seminary Drive (‘ll open the gate twenty minutes prior to start. ). Get in a warm-up, mobility exercises prior to the start.

Not coming on SAT due to conflicts: Tom, Elizabeth, Judi, Denise.

COMING to the Sat workout so far are: TJ, Shirley, Ron S, Andy, Paula, Lisa, Chris….IT IS A GO!

5/20/23 SATURDAY. PRACTICE DIPSEA RUN with Tamalpa runners. 8 AM from Old Mill Park….Can also do out/back to Cardiac which is about 9 miles.If you run the 7.5 miles one way Dipsea course to Stinson Beach you can take the 10:07 or 11:39 AM bus back.

5/26/23 FRIDAY. 5 PM on for a social with Tamalpa members at the Pond Farm Brewing (1848 – 4th St., San Rafael. Time to get in a social and meet club members.