Week of 2/18/19: Workouts, Thursday and Saturday workouts are on.

Hi Folks,

Updated 2/21/19: SATURDAY HILL REPEATS are on. See you there. I hope to schedule a run up the RAILROAD GRADE on a Sunday soon. 

MOVIES:   I rarely talk about non-training topics, but I think the “Green Book” movie is excellent and a must-see. Also, for a very different movie done by Lord of the Rings director, Peter Jackson of New Zealand, made, ” They Shall Never Grow Old,” which consisted of refurbishing footage from WWI old films and actual soldiers’ audio. He focused on the awful trench warfare and the “average” soldiers slugging it out in the mud and over a wasteland. Peter Jackson “modernized” the old herky-jerky footage and gave it color. It’s amazing how watching the footage at regular movie speed made it so much more empathetic and identifiable. 

They took archived audio from the soldiers on the frontlines and put it into the movie. Jackson did not try to make it a Hollywood production, but showed what those 16-20 year olds went through with personable footage and audio. 

Stay and watch it past the credits; then Peter Jackson comes on and spends quite a bit of time explaining how they used the technology to bring back 100 year old film, how they did the coloring to take it out of black and white movie. It was fascinating to see his dedication to detail: filling in the color in great detail,  capturing the artillery sound, how the authentic audio was used, the music and more. Jackson did a good job explaining the process and his attention to detail. So, if you go to see it, remember to stay through the credits and enjoy the last section of the movie. 

This is the week to get back on the trails and roads to up the mileage this week: we’ll have several days of no rain! Those of you pointing towards the Dipsea Race will want to get in consistent running for the next three months to build a mileage base with one day with rolling hills , one day with track training for leg speed, pacing; a long run day for endurance; strength training for strong core, legs and mobility; and one moderate distance day. Our early Saturday Hill Repeats/Cross Training sessions serve as a power development workout day.

I also suggest an over distance run by running the Double Dipsea course once in April, and May at an easy pace, mixing up running and walking just to acclimate to the constant up and down terrain of this unique course. it will make the single seem mentally and physically shorter come race day. February, March and half of April are for background training prior to running single Dipsea distances as laid out above. Work your weekly long run up to at least 13 miles to develop the endurance to push through a single Dipsea distance. Get yourself strong prior to focusing on the course from mid April through May: you’ll experience breakthroughs.

2/19/19 TUESDAY …we won’t have our group workout, but i suggest a solid run on the trails or roads for mileage.

2/20/19 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM WORKOUT at Warren’s with Kees.

2/21/19 THURSDAY 8:15 am start for TRACK at COM track facility. ( Waiting to hear if the group members are out of town or not). Skip, butt kick drills, 6 x 20 meters:

7:30 am gp: 2 x 100 (100), 2 x 400 (2:30), 1 x 600 (200), 1 x 1000 (200), 1 x 600 (200), 2 x 400 (2:30), …..1 x 800 @ 5K GP without looking at watch until finish.

8:15 am gp: 2 x 100 (100), 2 x 400 (3′), 2 x 300 (100), 2 x 200 (200), 2 x 400 (3′), 1 x 300 (50), 2 x 150 (50)….Then without using a watch run a 400 @ 5K pace; I will give you the finish time.

2/23/19 SATURDAY 7:30 am start for HILL REPEATS/Cross Training session on the Theological Seminary College grounds off Seminary Drive. ( Weather should be okay). Park near the College entry road along Seminary Drive; do your warm-up run along the Bay and then run up the entry road to the first level where I’ll have the exercise stations set up. We’ll have four rounds of exercise stations and 4 x 5 hill repeats.

We’ll be adding new warm-up running drills prior to starting the hill repeats.

This will be followed by “loaded carries” training.



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