2/25/19: Workouts, Tuesday is off, Indoor Training Workouts for Dipsea and general fitness.

Hi Folks,

Updated 3/1/19: 3:05 pm SATURDAY HILL REPEATS/Cross Training will be on for Saturday morning! It seems that rain is about 1/10th of an inch or less: no problem for our group.

updated 2/27/19 ( 9:23 pm): Track is NOT on for Thursday: not enough going to show up. More on Indoor Training samples. Saturday workout not likely to be held due to rain Friday night into Saturday.

Updated 2/25/19: Indoor Training for Dipsea prep using Treadmill and Concept II erg machine together with Loaded Carries. The 4 sample workouts below designed by Kees. Put them on 3 x 5 cards for handy reference; I’ll be adding more samples through April.

This week: Looks like we’re in for a rainy week and we’ll not hold the TUESDAY morning workout based on the inclement weather forecast. WEDNESDAY workout is a go it will be a rainy drive to the gym. THURSDAY track is a maybe at this point; we’ll update on Wednesday. SATURDAY workout we’ll see if a go by Friday. If the rainfall is light we’ll hold the Thursday and Saturday workouts: check the blog as the week progresses.

Indoor Training: You can still get in your maintenance training with indoor workouts on the treadmill, row machine and weight room; then pick up with distance running on the better weather days. The demands all-out power drive; build that base on those rainy days. Below are some samples:

TREADMILL: For Dipsea training. Sample 1: After a 5′ warm-up run at 1-2% grade, get in five minute bouts of 9%, 7%, 5%, 8%, and 10-12% grades to simulate the uphill grind of Dynamite, Hogsback, Rain Forest and Cardiac – in that order. You know you’re in for a good 20-30 minutes of uphill after crossing the creek in Muir Woods. You can acclimate to the steady grind without dealing with the pounding downhill on the treadmill. You’ll be able to set the exact intensity for your uphill effort with the speed adjustment on the treadmill. You’ll end up walk/running with the steeper grades on the treadmill; just line on race day. That’s okay, just get it in with a solid steady push!

ROW MACHINE, i.e., “erging” on the CONCEPT ROW MACHINE: Sample 2: After a warm-up row get in a brisk 250-500 meter bout at a steady controlled per 500 meter rate (similar to our minutes-per-mile effort running); find your rate, probably in the 210-2:20 rate. After you complete the 500 meters walk over to the dumbbell or kettlebell rack and get in a full 60-90″ Farmer Walk. Complete another another 250 or 500 meter row, complete a double kettlebell Rack Walk for 60 – 90″. For the last round of the set, row the 250-500 meters and do one-arm Waiter Carries / Walks for 60-90″. Repeat the sequence again for a total of two rounds.

Sample 3: If you have a training partner: while one is rowing/erging; the other completes a Farmer Walk, Rack Carry and Waiter’s Walk. with dumbbells or kettlebells. Switch after the 500 meters ( or 250 meters if you need time to acclimate; either distance is fine). So, first round: one is erging while the other does the Farmer Walk; second round they switch places. Second round they each erg and do the Rack Carry. Finally the third round they each do the Waiters Carry and erging.

Sample 4: BTW rowing 2000 meters for time on a separate workout involves all-out effort with legs, back and arms, similar to an all-out 2 mile run. You will definitely feel the quads when you row for time.

I remember rowing in the Regional qualifying ERG at Redwood HS years ago for going back to Massachusetts for the CRASH B Sprints. We had to do 2500 meters for time; I could barely stand after that all-out push! Took me 9:15 and I didn’t make it, but Mom and Marion did (in 10:15) – quite a day. ( try to match that time when you’re at the gym). Sister Marion went on to win the international title there for 50 and over – while suffering from a very bad cold! They come from all over the world but now the official distance is 2000 meters; top competitors erg it in 7 minutes!

Row a baseline 2000 meters for your “before” time trial; then again in April. The Dipsea is one long demanding interval so these indoor workouts can build and simulate the physical and mental demands for this race.

Sample 5: TURKISH GET UP (TGU). The TGU is one of the most complete exercises available for all sports prep by top fitness professionals. it trains the entire core, develops full body strength, demands motor control, mobility; connects the upper and lower body ( which we tend to train separately) in one exercise. The need for core is force transduction and the need to mover through three planes of motion while under full tension. That’s why the Loaded Carries, done for one minute bouts, help to execute the TGU exercise.

After a short warm-up or as a “finisher” carry out the TGU 2-3 times on each side. Pavel, the Russian trainer, suggests a daily dose of up to 100 swings ( in sets of say 20) followed immediately by five TGU’s on each side. That builds one heck of a base. Men very gradually work up to a 53 lb kettlebell and women 35# kettlebell. Begin with say, two days per week; then gradually work it up to 5 days per week.It is a challenge, but the benefits are impressive – and you’ll be a better athlete for it.

2/26/19 TUESDAY, 8:15 am HILL REPEATS that were planned for today will not be held as a group workout; if you do plan to get in a 35-45 minute run; then get out of the rain. We’ll probably schedule back to back make-up Tuesdays in near future.

2/27/19 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM WORKOUT at Warren’s with Kees.

2/28/19 THURSDAY.  TRACK at COM. Not on due to too few people around. 6 x 20 meters, some drills.; then 2 x 100 (100).

2 x 400 (3′), 2 x 300 (100), 2 x 200 (200), 2 x 400 (3′), 1 x 300 (50), 2 x 150 (50)….Then we’ll have you do a 400 @5K GP without using a watch.

3/2/29 SATURDAY. 7:30 am start for HILL REPEATS/ Cross Training .  The workout is a go: rain will be minimal, I’m told. At the Theological Seminary of Seminary Drive area. Park along Seminary Drive, do your warm-up run prior to the 7:30 am start; then we’ll start the hill repeats!

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