Week of 3/11/19: Workouts, indoor training sample workouts #6,7,8; Saturday Hill Repeats/ Cross Training; Sunday TCRS 5.3M

Hi Folks,

Updated 3/13/19: Sunday’s TCRS #2 by Tamalparunners.org is great Dipsea practice after doing Saturday Hill Repeats/Cross Training session.

Updated 3/12/19: Track, Training Tips #6, #7, and #8.

Looks like a better week ahead for workouts! This Tuesday we’ll be carrying out our hill repeats by the GG Bridge as requested by members of the workout group. We may have a bit of rain but it should be mild if we do; then from here on out it should be a shift in the weather – for the better. Friday has a forecast for temperatures close to 70 degrees: the high pressure moves in! Saturday HR/Cross Training should feature good sunny weather for the first time in weeks. Note, that we will be upping the exercise portion of the workout in order to be better prepared for Dipsea and road racing.

3/12/19 TUESDAY 8:30 am. GG Bridge HILL REPEATS.-up Meet at the Discovery Museum parking lot, Ft Baker. We’ll run a warm-up loop around the Parade Grounds; then do our repeats on the road that leads up to the Bridge.

3/13/19 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am. MADISON AV GYM Workout with Kees at Warren’s. Our usual 100 Swings interspersed with key mobility exercises, followed by a Circuit and finishing with deadlifts.

3/14/19 THURSDAY 8:15 am start for TRACK at COM. After warm-up run; if late get in your 6-8 x 20 meter pickups.

The 7:30 “A” group will do: 200 (200), 400 (2:30) 600 (200), 1000 (200), 600 (200), 400 (2:30), 200 (200). ….Then do an 800 without using watch ( I will give you your finish time, or only look at watch when you hit the finish line.) and see if they hit 5K goal pace. Tip: remember to pace it out as if you running 6 x 800 without a break.

8:15 am: 2 x 100 (100), 2 x 150 (50), 2 x 200 400 (3′), 600 (200), 400 (3′), 2 x 200 (200), 2 x 100 (100). After short rest, run 800 without using watch at 5K pace; I will give finish time. Tip: remember to go out at a pace that you can complete 6 – 800’s!

3/16/19 SATURDAY 7:30 am HILL REPEATS/Cross Training at Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Should be a good day: no rain. Park along Seminary Drive near the college entrance, do your warm-up run; then meet me up at first level road into the College. We’ll have 4 exercise stations and 4 x 5 hill repeats.

The exercise portion will increase to lay strength base for Dipsea. I’d avoid the Dipsea course for a while because it will not be in good shape after such heavy rains. Would be a good idea to get in 10-20′ uphills on the treadmill and a long uphill push, on the RR Grade on another day to get used to the long uphill grind on the Dipsea.

3/17/19 SUNDAY 9am TCRS #2 GOLD HILL 5.3M..starts near Dominican University on Grand Av . A good Dipsea practice workout with hill climb with 1245 feet of ascent total. (See Tamalparunners.org)

SATURDAY Hill Repeats / Cross Training workout this weekend.

  1. DGB Jacks” x 18 + R/L DB Side Plank DB Raise & Reach x 5: Sprint – 2 x Short – 1/2 A – Sprint
  2. DBL DB or KB Clean & Press x 10: Short – Long – 2 x Sprint – Short
  3. DGB Situp/Knee Tuck x 15 + Hip Bridges Lats Pullover x 8: 2 Short – 2 X Sprint – 1/2 “B”
  4. Goblet Squats x 8 + KB Swings x 20: Sprint – 2 x Short – 1/2 “A” – Sprint.

Training: Indoor Training Workouts #6, #7:

#6 Sample triplet indoor session: Do A, B, C; then repeat x 3:

A) DBL KB or DB O’head Squats x 5, B) Row 250 meters, C) Wipers x 20 (with 75 to 135# on barbell.

#7 Indoor Training Workouts #7, #8 with two sets of exercise combos, A & B. Try one round, gradually work up to two rounds of A & B:

A. Two Rounds of: 1. run on 7% grade (after warm-up 1.5% grade) for 8′; 2. Slight incline pushups on barbell placed on rack x 10; 3. Swings x 20.

B. 1. Box Jumps x 6; 2. Deadlift x 8 with weight you can handle without strain; 3. DB/or Dual Grip Ball (DGB) Sit-up & Reach x 15.

These are more sample indoor workouts you can do this month in addition to the ones posted in the last blog posting. It’s to build the strength and power on the legs along with other fitness components. Now that the weather is improving you’ll be to also up the mileage. I assume that the Dipsea course is compromised, but you can work on the long uphill grinds on the RRGrade in addition to the treadmill work.

Don’t discount the uphill treadmill workouts: they make you run uphill without taking a break thereby simulating race day push. If you have little time to get to the course the indoor treadmill session can be time efficient – and get you fit for the uphill. You’ll also be getting in some heat training due to the lack of wind convection to evaporate the sweat: race day in June could be hot!

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