Week of 3/18/19: Workouts, no Tuesday, weights Wednesday, Track Thursday, Saturday HR

hi Folks,

Updated 3/20/19: A brief update for now because my laptop is stone cold dead: can’t boot it, black screen – no response. So far for this week we will have TH am TRACK and SATURDAY HILL REPEATS. There may be light rain, but it is on wane by then and should be no problem. (any questions email me)

3/19/19 TUESDAY 8:15 am. We did end up running long Tempo intervals.

3/20/19 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM WORKOUT with Kees at Warren’s.

3/21/19 THURSDAY 7:30 for A gp; 8:15 am for B gp. TRACK at COM. After your warm-up run both groups get in short 6 x 20 meters, 2 x 100 (100).

“A” gp, 7:30 am: 2 x 400 (on 2:30), 2 x 1000 (200), 2 x 600 (200), 2 x 400 (on 2:30), 2 x 200 (200). After brief rest, run a 800 at your 5K GP without watch, i.e., not looking at it until you hit the finish line.

“B” gp, 8:15 am: 2 x 150 (50); three rounds of (400 (on 3′), 200 (200)), 1 x 300. After brief rest run a 800 without watch; I will give you finish time. See if you can hit your 5K pace, i.e., the “realistic” 5K pace.

TRAINING TIP on pacing: Purpose for running without looking at your watch for splits on the 800 when training on the track is to develop your own perceived exertion at 5K GP.

There are many feedback gadgets available, but you want to develop a sense of proper pacing by perceived exertion whether that’s your breathing rate and effort or cadence until you can nail it to 1-2″ per 400. Once you develop the discipline of proper pacing, you’ll avoid going out to fast on race day: there’s always time later during the race to start pushing the envelope. Start the race too quickly – and you’ll pay the price with a slower overall time. I know how that anxiety level goes up waiting for your start on Dipsea race day! Practice the above.

3/23/19 SATURDAY. 7:30 am tires pulls, loaded carries. At Olivet Seminary college, off Seminary Drive. Park along Seminary Drive by the College entry road. Do your warm-up run prior to 7:30 start. There will be four sets of exercises and 4 sets of five hill repeats.

The exercise workload in gradually increased for rest of March and to mid-April to prepare your legs for Dipsea and other hilly race courses. The HR not only build leg strength, strong hip extension, but ankle flexion and speed for pushing the pace. Those of you who have been avoiding the tire pulls: get them in because it is a hell of a fitness developer and quad strengthener.

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