Week of 4/1/19: Workouts, I am out until 4/4/19; Dipsea training tips, sample indoor intense workouts

Hi Folks,

Updated 4/6/19: No RRGrade on Sunday: too few running it, now that it is Dipsea season. See tips below.

Updated 4/5/19: Saturday Hill Repeats are on: I think the rain will be light and then moving out of the area mid-morning.

Updated 4/2/19: TRACK will next step from last week’s 800’s with 400’s run 2-4 seconds under the pace you ran for the 800’s.

INDOOR Training: Three more sample workouts below.

Sunday RRGrade to be determined

I am in Santa Cruz but back Thursday night, but the workouts will go on. I will be adding more information on Tuesday and Wednesday including more indoor workouts; meanwhile check past blogs for sample workouts to do on those rainy days.

RESULTS: Dave Champagne the Olympic distance “LAVA MAN TRIATHLON” (in 3:12) in Hawaii which included the bike leg on part of the Ironman Hawaii course.

4/2/19 TUESDAY ….rain likely..You are on your own and I suggest a solid mileage run on trails if possible.

4/3/19 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM workout. I have the warm-up 100 swings/mobility exercises and Circuit workout cards on the counter for you. Pay attention to safety while doing your kettlebell swings! Good form while executing each station on the Circuit.

4/4/19 THURSDAY 8:15 TRACK at COM. May have rain but I don’t think it should stop the workout; we’ll keep it moving.

A gp 7:30 am: Two rounds of: 1000 (200), 800 (200), 400 (on 2:30), 200 (200).

B group at 8:15 start. After your brief warm-up run, 6 x 20 meters, 2 x 100 (100); you’ll be running 12 x 400 (on 3′) at a pace that’s about 2-4″ under your 800 times. The total laps will be the same as last week’s 6 x 800. This will give you another bench mark.

4/6/19 SATURDAY 7:30 am HILL REPEATS/Cross Training at Olivet Seminary College , off Seminary Drive. We’ll have the workout because the rain should be light and moving through as the morning continues. A good number of you need to arrive 15′ earlier to get in a quick out/back warm-up run prior to the start of the workout; we’ll still get jumping jacks to get the body going.

Tip: Run the “Sprint” HR distance at good clip; the other intervals at 5K effort level ( not 5K pace). Your Loaded Carries after the main workout should be ramping up now that we are into April. You’re trying to bring your hill running and exercise program to a peak by mid-April; then hit the trail.

We shall see if the Dipsea course is in any shape to run by mid-April. I’ve heard that a section of the steps on Steep Ravine are damaged. But once we get rolling on Dipsea going to top of Dynamite and back from MV; then to the Rain Forest and back. My main run on the course was to top of Cardiac and back which avoided the hassle of getting back from Stinson – and gave a longer run than going one way.

No RRGrade on Sunday morning; perhaps another time.

INDOOR TRAINING Samples: Past samples usually involve a rowing on the erg for a key part of the exercise selection. Why?

For all-out fitness, working the body’s big muscles groups and peaking the anaerobic and aerobic components; it’s difficult to beat. For Dipsea leg prep it does the job. I remember rowing a 2500 meter time trial on several occasions to discover I could hardly stand up from the erg machine. It is a bit similar to running a two mile run all-out! The Dipsea and other tough trail races require that all-out push in order to do reasonably well or hit your own best time. Strong injury- proof legs are a must.

Here’s one workout by Bobby Maximus, head trainer at Gym Jones (the outfit that prepared the actors to look like Spartan warriors that lived off the land for the movie “300”. I modified them a bit. Put it on a 3 x 5 card and file it for future workouts.

“ROW and BURPEE CHALLENGE ” : you’ll be rowing 4 x 500 meters with 5′ in between bouts. Each 500 must be done in 1:40; for every second you are over 1:40 do a burpee. Rest 5′ then do the next round. It adds up to standard 2000 meter race distance. Have fun.

ALL AROUND sample by Kees: Do 3-4 rounds.

x 6-10 Box Jumps on 18′, 20 or 24″ box, depending what height you feel confident jumping.

250 meter erg

x 20 kettlebell swings with 25# or 35#

x 6 Incline Push-ups


100 meter row – Push-ups x 6 – Squats x 5 – Wipers x 17

200 meter row – “‘ x 8 – ” x 10 – ” x 20

300 meter row – ” x 10 – ” x 15 – ” x 25

200 meter row – ” x 8 – ” x 10 – ” x 20

100 meter row – ” x 6 – ” x 5 – ” x 17

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