Week of 3/25/19: Workouts, Training Tips, Saturday Hill Repeats.

Hi Folks,

Updated 3/26/19: Changing TRACK to likely 6 x 800 workout instead of hour run so we keep some emphasis on speed. This workout for Thursday will be done again on May 2nd to see your improvement. I would like to get it in because I won’t be here next Thursday. A good session for Dipsea and any road races.

Sorry, about the late posting: just had the laptop fixed so now I can get on with this week’s schedule. Looks like we’re in for a week of on and off rain, but shouldn’t stop you from doing quick efficient shorter runs: just keep it consistent. Once the weather improves you’ll be back to carrying out the longer runs; meanwhile work on hill training, one day per week run intervals on the track to develop and maintain speed; one to days per week of strength training and mobility work.

3/26/19 TUESDAY …no group workout since we’re on the alternate week program and I think we’ll be dealing with rain. Either run a rolling terrain dirt run or a course with a climb such as Mt. Baldy, part of the RRGrade or a paved road uphill ranging from 5-10% grade. With the Dipsea course most likely in poor shape you could still do the section from Old Mill Park to Muir Woods parking lot and back – on the road to get more distance and focus on steady uphill push for fitness. I’ve run the road back up to Panoramic any number of times for that uphill tempo effort.

3/27/19 WEDNESDAY 8:15 am MADISON AV GYM Workout with Kees at Warren’s. We’ll begin with sets of kettlebell swings interspersed with mobility exercises for a total of 100 Swings. Then comes two rounds of a Circuit with kettlebell, dumbbell, barbell exercises. We finish of the session with 5 x 2 reps, or 3 x 3 reps of Deadlifts.

(note, that next week’s Circuit cards for the workout will be at Warren’s)

3/28/19 THURSDAY, A gp – 7:30 am; B gp – 8:15 am start for TRACK at COM. A gp will have a “regular ” workout; the B gp will do 6 x 800 (with 3′ rest) and then we do the same session May 2nd to see the improvement. It’s a reduced version of the Yasso 800’s designed to predict for marathon times. We may have light rain in the morning, but shouldn’t be bad; and I want to get it in this week because I won’t be here on April 1-4.

A gp: 2 x 100 (100), 5 x 1000 (200). The first 1000 run at 10K pace; then 4 x 1000 at 5K pace.

3/30/18 SATURDAY 7:30 am HILL REPEATS/Cross Training at Olivett Seminary College off Seminary Drive. Park along Seminary Drive near the entry road up into the College; do your warm-up run, then come up the entry road to where I have the exercise stations set up. There will be four rounds of exercises interspersed with four sets of five hill repeats. This session is followed by Loaded Carries, Swings and band Crab Walks.

Remember, that the goal is to build your lower body strength with the Hill Repeats, the exercises; the overall structural strength with the Loaded Carries. ( At the gym add deadlifts, Turkish Get Ups, kettlebell swings). It takes a bit of experimentation to find out what minimum volume of strength training allows you to workout out and make gains, but not impair your running or cycling. As we come to mid-April and May we reduce the strength exercise program and up the running on Dipsea or roads. You’ll see that even doing Deadlifts once per week will keep your strength gains.

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