Week of 1/27/20: Workouts, Saturday HR/Cross Train workout is on.

Note, that I will NOT be holding the SATURDAY HILL REPEATS/CROSS TRAINING next week ( 2/8/20); I will be attending an all-day clinic.

1/28/20: Tuesday : get in a moderate pace mileage day 4-7 miles depending where you are with your b; later on this will switch to Tempo workouts. If you base. re running Kaiser Half this weekend; okay to get in 5-6 miles followed by speed work on Th, perhaps day off Friday and moderate pace short 2 miles on Saturday.

1/29/20 WEDNESDAY 8 am MADISON AV GYM workout at Warren’s with Kees. The “100 Swings/ mobility Routine”, Circuit, Deadlifts.

1/30/20 THURSDAY 8 am TRACK at COM facility. A bit more volume; working up to 12 laps of speed work: not too much, not too few. After your warm up run; 6 x 20 meters for the leg turnover, 2 x 150 (50):

2 x 800 (200 easy), 2 x 600 (200) @ 5K pace, 2 x 400 (on 2:30 or 3′) at faster than 5K pace, 2 x 300 (100), 2 x 200 (200). ….remember to stretch after; then head home.

We’ll have you do a 5K Predictor workout next week prior to the Couples Relay on 2/9/20..

2/1/20 SATURDAY 8 am. HILL REPEATS/CROSS TRAINING/LOADED CARRIES/SPRINTS. AT Olivet College, off Seminary Drive. Arrive earlier, park along the road near the entrance; get in a short warm-up run, then run up the entry road to where the exercise stations are set up. The workouts will be on the white boards for you to follow.

LMK if you are joining in: Kathy B., Shirley D, Jeanie, Andy, Paula, possibly the TL track team.


2/9/20 SUNDAY 9 am COUPLES RELAY, at Marin Country Mart, Larkspur Landing (by the theatre ). Go to Tamalparunners.org and then Upcoming Events; there you’ll find the entry form for the event. Find your running partner; all kinds of categories: family; father / daughter, boy/girl, mother/son and many more. Categories are also determined by the sum of the two runners’ ages; that calls for strategic planning to just make a particular age category.