Week of 3/30/20: Workouts you can file

Hi Folks,

Updated: 4/4/20 Workouts #13 & #14

Updated: 4/2/20: Track routine, below.

It becomes more difficult to be motivated to adhere to your strength training program during this time of being homebound. But, it helps to set a time to do the workout on say, Wed and Saturdays; just like going to a class. You’ll be able to rotate the workouts that you have on 3 x 5 cards ( more coming today and during the week). And remember, your energy may not be the same to do the session; don’t decide if you bail or cut it short until you’ve gone through the Warm-up exercises efficiently. Get the muscles warm, get you awake and then launch into workout without hurrying, just execute efficiently with the appropriate rests.

Try to work the key muscle groups, legs, back, shoulders and hips. Even if you get in your 50-100 kettlebell swings plus and upper body exercise; you’re on track.

Set your workout schedule to break-up your work day schedule so you safely get fresh air and if you can even do the strength routine outdoors as we do with the Wednesday and Saturday groups. Yes, that means exercising daily, even it is a run or walk: CONSISTENCY builds compliance, motivation and keeps you on track. Yep, sometimes you don’t feel like getting up and executing: just do it, even it is modified!

Did you know Dr. Fauci (sp?) puts in 19 hour days, but still runs 3.5 miles per day! If he gets it in, we all can do it, no?

4/2/20 THURSDAY 8 am TRACK workout on track? or do on bike path by time. after warm-up run, 2 x 100 (100), 2 x 150 (50) , 1 x 400 (2:30), 8-10 x 200 (or do by time with 45″ – 52″ pickups. Allow adequate recovery and spread out the pickups during the run. Don’t run too fast; just getting in good leg turnover so you don’t lose that.

Poppies are out all over West Marin. This crop along S.Novato Blvd before the “t” intersection heading to Cheese Factory. Gerald and I also rode Hicks Valley Road and saw one car in the first nine miles; social distancing at its best! Was very windy and cool, but I’ll take it.

I mentioned before ( it is good to refer to previous weeks postings), your week may consist of TuThSunday for endurance and MWF for even abbreviated strength work.

Workout #10: 3 Rounds

x 25 Jumping Jacks

x 15 Swings

x 6 Pushups

x 3 R/L Single or double KB Cleans & Front Squats

x 5 Double KB/DB “Thrusters”

x 12 Leg Raises (keep low back to floor; bend at knees if needed)

Workout #11: 3-4 Rounds:

x 15 Swings

x 5 R/L DB Plank Row for rounds #1 and #3;

R/L KB Floor Press x 5 ( lying on back, upper arm on floor, shoulder blades down. While holding KB press up and then down i.e., a 1-arm bench press

x 5 R/L Reverse Lunge to step-up (if possible on low step or box)

x 10 DB/DGB or any ball for Sit-up & Reach

Workout #12: “200 in 20” 10-20 rounds ( use common sense)

No equipment required; only a good drive. (By Bobby Maximus, trainer at the famous Gym Jones in Utah where the actors in the movie “300” were whipped into shape). They tended to put them through over-the-top workouts. Only need a good push!

x 10 Pushups

x 10 x Situps

x 10 Air Squats.…( if too many squats, alternate with Jumping Jacks)

Workout #13: (legs, back, abs, shoulder/arms). 4 Rounds

x 5 Goblet Squats

x 15 Swings

x 10 Sit-ups & Reach L/ R Side leg Raises (1 & 3 Sit-ups & Reach; 2 & 4 Side Leg Raises)

Workout #14:

x 10 Swings

x 4 Top Half Get – Up, R//l with KB or DB. Start standing while holding KB in left hand overhead; step back reverse lunge with left leg to kneeling & back x 4; repeats with right arm & leg.

x 5 Inverted Row or 1- arm KB/DB rows ( like sawing wood)