Week of 4/6/20: Workout ideas, benefits…

Hi Folks,

updated 4/8/20: Speed work for Thursday. You’ll most likely have to run on a bike path, fire road, or on the streets because the tracks are closed to the public during the epidemic.

4/9/20 THURSDAY ...SPEED-WORK ( by time). After your warm-up mile or so and during your 4-5 mile workout include two rounds of: 3:30′-4′ pickup (about an 800); a 2:20′-3:10′ ( about a 600) and a 1:45-2′ pickup (about a 400).

I’m a bit behind today due to workload of purging and cleanup around here during the remodel. The staying at home advice has me reorganizing and trying to simplify our key items and purging “stuff.” Meanwhile, I try to maintain a regular exercise routine, as I’m sure all of you are sorting out also.

I suggested last week that you establish a regular time for exercise to keep you on track as you juggle working at home and managing the home environment; otherwise, you’ll find it easy to lapse with your routine. .

Breaking up the day. If you find you are working remotely , at a desk all day, I suggest breaking up the day with three brief exercise breaks after you’ve put in your morning session of say, Swings alternated with exercises.

Before noon, after a couple hours of work; get up and do a double KB/DB one minute Farmer Walk plus 10 Swings; about 2 pm a Rack Carry and 10 Swings, and around 4:30 the Waiters Carry plus 10 Swings. You’ll see results with this kind of routine that helps break up your day with movement and productive results building structural integrity – and feeling better. The sessions can be quite short, wake you up, and you’ll find you still make gains. Carry out the daily, or 4-5 days per week program and you’ll find the reps and workload add up; that’s why you keep it conservative and perhaps begin with three to four days per week: you can always add more days and reps. The idea is to be consistent with a conservative amount each day instead of a single big workout that requires days off to recover.

Workouts #15: three rounds

x 15 Swings

x 4 KB R/L Cleans (no press); or DBL KB Cleans if you have them.

x 5 R/L Muay Thai Planks

x 5 R/L Kneeling bottom up press with KB / DB ( press with same arm as forward kneeling leg to simulate the Get Up movement)

Workout #16: “Row to Hell” By Bobby Maximus ..I post the very hard version and a modified one to do on a Concept II erg machine or something similar.

The “Tough” version:

Row 500 meters (rest time is same as time to complete 500); then

Row 400 meters (rest time same as row time)

Row 300 meters

Row 200 meters

Row 100 meters

Modified Version: or your version.

300 meters

200 meters

100 meters

Workout #17: (includes new way to do Rack Carry)

x 20 Swings

x 30″ – 1′ “marching ” in place Waiters Carry w/ KB or DB. (Works shoulder muscles/stability; a simple exercise, but difficult to do while marching)

1′ Plank

x 5 R/L sides first portion of the Get-Up: from lying flat, to elbow, to hand support and back down in sequence. If you can perform with a bit of a challenging weight.

next, why do back training 2:1 or even 3:1 over presses?