Week of 4/13/20: Workouts, “Tax day Workout” for Wed,

Hi Folks,

A good weather week starting with Monday; getting outside for your runs, biking, and lifting routines will break up your week nicely, keep you fit – and dissipate some of stress that accumulates dealing with the Covid-19 Virus issue. It should be relatively easy to get in your strength and aerobic training while maintaining proper distance from others when; take advantage of the good weather for outdoor training time.

4/14/20 TUESDAY ...TEMPO during your 4-7 miler. Once you’ve finished your warm-up mile include 2-3 x 4 minute 10K pace steady tempo pace run( well spread out with 4 minutes of recovery running) .

4/15/20 WEDNESDAY.strength day TAX DAY WORKOUT” You may need to purchase 2-3 more kettlebells ( they will last your full lifespan and longer; certainly easily stored).


Note, that you do the Clean and Presses so: 1 rep with left arm, then 1rep with right arm, and so forth. Avoid any straining or shaky arms.

A sample workout we all do at 8 am

4/16/20 THURSDAY... SPEED WORK on the road or flat stretch of fire road or trail. Emphasis will be on shorter intervals after your warm-up mile or so. During your run spread out: 4 x 45″ (1′ easy run), 2 x 1′ ( 2-3 easy run), 2 x 45″ ( 1′ easy run); repeat two rounds.

BONNE BELL 10K , February 1982- at the 5K split held on the much used 5K loop course at the Polo Fields area. Michelle Bush (#3) was the eventual winner. It was one of the first all-women’s races, had a large turnout and met with great enthusiasm. (Photo by Gene Cohn, who photographed many Bay Area races during the 1980’s-1990’s)

Saturday workout for 4/18/20. Use kettlebells, dumbbells when appropriate . The shorter workout, #18.

Workout #18: “Up Ladder, Down Ladder” (you can adjust starting number of reps for up or down the ladder depending on your fitness level.” it’s a type of routine that keeps the exercises going. You can create your own of pairing upper/lower body exercises that let’s you keep it moving.


x 8 Swings x 8 reps

x 10 Swings x 7 reps

x 12 Swings x 6 reps

x 8 Goblet Squats

14 Swings x 5 reps

16 Swings x 4 reps

18 Swings x 3 reps

20 Swings x 2 reps


  1. Keep training session short, under one hour; thirty-five minutes is even better. Several shorter sessions are preferable to a single long one. I’ve found that for strength training as we age brief and more frequent sessions where you come away refreshed, energetic rather – and stronger.
  2. Avoid combining strength and endurance training in one workout. A two mile run after a strength workout reduces the strength gain by 10% ( from Easy Strength, by Dan John and Pavel. Our group members do a good amount of endurance training; to offset muscle weight and strength loss, I encourage at least two sessions per week of strength training.
  3. Speed, a new skill, power , strength take central nervous system (DNS) freshness; you can train them in any order. Don’t take on a new skill, or train power, strength or muscle gains after a hard endurance workout. Not as productive when you separate endurance from strength training.
  4. Back Training: Carry out a 2:1 ratio of back training ( pulling over pushing), i.e. your posterior chain. You can never do too many rowing movements to help back and shoulder health. Exercise enthusiasts to favor “pressing” movements, e.g. bench press over “pulling” motions. For example, a emphasizing bench presses, tends to inwardly rotate the shoulders resulting in forward rounded shoulders and a slump posture that can be fixed with more shoulder mobility exercises and back-work. For example, doing resistance band or face pulley work helps counter the effects of excess bench pressing. Back training such as swing, ben over row, inverted rows, deadlifts, DB rows, cleans, seated rows all help get your anterior side in balance with the posterior side. Light band work for shoulder health will include internal and external rotations to work the muscles inside the shoulder……more next week.