Week of 4/20/20: Workout #19, Tips for this week, Upping your KB swing count.

Hi Folks,

Remember to review the workouts posted on the last two weeks of the blog if you missed checking in. Write down on 4×6 cards the workout samples that appeal to you so you can rotate your exercises sessions. I encourage you to build up to executing 50-75 or so daily swings so you acclimate your body to that routine; then work it up to 100 in sets of 10 to 20 reps. You will adapt to that volume, no problem, if you do it gradually. Once you’ve achieved that goal, you don’t add more, but begin substituting sets of 5- 8 reps with the next heavier kettlebell. You’ll notice immediately that it challenges you breathing and fitness! Ladies gradually work it up over the months to using 45# (20 kg) bell: it is very doable! Men work it up to using the basic 24 kg ( 53#) , kettlebell and over time the 62 # ( 28 kg) kettlebell. That’s the goal.

4/20/20 MONDAY …Adding Swings plus some additional exercises. If you are used to 100 reps add the extra swings as needed. WORKOUT #19

x 10 Swings – x 4 Goblet SQ

x 20 Swings – x 10 Push-ups (can be on incline, or on flat; even with weighted vest)

x 20 Swings – x 12 Leg Raises ( keep low back flat to the ground; bend legs if needed)

x 5 Swings (heavier bell) – x 6 Front SQ

x 5 Swings – x 5 R/L KB / or DB Bottom-up presses

x 5 Swings – x 12 KB/DB Situp and Reach

x 10 Swings – x 8 R/L Plank Row

x 20 Swings – x 10 Thrusters

x 5 heavier swings – R/L Turkish Get-Up without weight or balancing a shoe on your fist of the arm that is up.

2/21/20 TUESDAY Basic Swings 50- 100 reps ( it’s not a contest)….if you run Tempo today do it after any strength training ; otherwise just do the tempo run and include 2 x 6′ long pick-ups during your 4-8 mile workout.

2/22/20 WEDNESDAY . CIRCUIT workout

2/24/20 THURSDAY . SPEED-WORK with shorter timed pickups by time and / or step count.

4/25/20 SATURDAY. CIRCUIT or just do HILL WORK

You’ll never guess her age. Some of you have a rowing erg machine, such as Concept II; if not set a bar to do x5 Inverted Rows or do c10 swings as a substitute. If you don’t have two kettlebells for the carry you can do 2×30” with each arm
Can do this one instead of Sandy Birthday workout; you have options! You can use two different weight kettlebells or dumbbells for Farmer or Rack Carry; switch hands after 30” or steps. Or do 1-arm

2/26/20 SUNDAY ….Longer run….Keep that half marathon distance for endurance; or more depending on your base.

Here is a photo taking by Ken Lee during, I believe, during the 1980’s of the start of the National TAC US XC Championships on the Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park. An awesome sight! Picture a field of only fast runners from all over the country sprinting the length of the field and funneling down to a fire road! It was one of the most stressful and intense timing jobs we did with our Total Race Systems crew for a number of reasons. I do remember watching the field go bike halfway through the race; still as a close huge pack and deciding to quickly extend the chutes to handle the large volume of runners that would be crossing the line per minute! One guest runner was Steve Jones who had seta new marathon record of 2:08 and change at Chicago. The winner was Pat Porter, who I believe won seven or nine titles! Amazing ! ( I’ll look it up). In any case it was remarkable to see so much talent in one race.

more to come.