Week of 4/27/20: Workouts this week, Goblet squats, hip bridges, halos for ROM

Hi folks,

Updated 5/1/20: Sat workout #24

You’ve heard me emphasize the need for your joints to be able to go through their range of motion (ROM). Having that flexible ROM gives you strength and avoids injury when joints can go through their ROM. Here are three key exercises to keep you fluid through your ROM. ( From Simple and Sinister, by Pavel and the Strong First Kettlebell Course Manual).

Prying Goblet Squat helps to unlock the pelvis and hips ( along with “horse stance”/ Shikodachi that we do with our 100 swings routine); the Hip Bridge to stretch the hip flexors, the muscles on the top of the thighs that act like brakes for the glutes; and the Halo will stretch the upper back and shoulders.

Those of you bound to a desk will need to give attention to keep those hip flexors from shortening from prolonged sitting at a desk. The goblet squat will fire up those glutes when you go past parallel stance position.

The globlet squat gets Westerners used to being in a deep squat, strengthens the lower body and improves posture. While holding the kettlebell by the “horns” in close to the front of your chest and in upright standing position; maintain a neutral spine as your hips descend at the same rate. Bring the weight down, i.e., don’t just drop into the squat, while the knees track the toes. Your elbows stay inside your knees and your butt is in the 6 o’clock position while maintaining a flat back, i.e., don’t let your back round.

The “prying” exercise while in deep goblet squat. Your elbows are against the inner quads. Push your knees apart without letting your big toes and the balls of the feet come off the ground. Keep the chest up and stay tall without tilting your head back. Make your spine as long as possible. Stay down and breathe in a relaxed manner.

Start “prying” your hips apart by gently going back and forth and side to side like you do when you wedge a post loose. You picture “making your pelvis wider”. So many runners, cyclists and other endurance athletes are plagued with tight hips and lack of ROM; the globlet squat and “prying” help loosen the lower body. This is turn makes for more efficient running. A complimentary stretch is the one we do with each training session: the forward lunge torso rotation stretch; it stretches each leg’s hip flexors – and thoracic spine area.

As you ascend don’t let your tail rise faster than your head and shoulders. Lock your knees and contract the glutes at the top.

Hip Bridge gets you to activate your glutes and improve hip extension without hyperextending your back. Lie on your back, feet flat, knees bent about 90 degrees. Squeeze a soft pair of shoes between your knees. This will force you to brace your abs and to extend your hips instead of overarching your lower back. Grip the ground wit your toes, dig your heel in and lift the pelvis as high as possible. Hold it for three seconds holding the lift high, then come down and relax. Repeat five times. The goal is contract glutes strongly and briefly; not hold for a long time: you want strength.

Halos for loosening up the shoulders: hold a light kettlebell upside down by its horns agains your chest. Slowly move it around your head ( the handle will be on top when the kettlebell is behind you). Work up to progressively tighter and lower circles. When you go by your front side, pass by below your chin; then continue with the next rotation closely around your head. I have our group do “shoulder dislocates” with stretch resistance bands until they can bring their hands with a wider than shoulder grip over and back with a fluid motion.

4/28/20 TUESDAY.….TEMPO run. During your trail or road run get in 3-4 x 4′ repeats broken up with steady running in between. The 4’ pickup at 5K effort will boost your fitness translating to about a 1000-1200 meters depending on your pace.

4/29/20 WEDNESDAY. KB SWINGS & STRENGTH TRAINING. You can do a modified workout with the Swings and perhaps a few key lifts that include something overhead, squat, abs and a carry.


x 10 Swings – x 6 R/L Forward Lunge Torso Rotations

x 15 Swings – x 5 Goblet Squats, with a definite pause at bottom

x 15 Swings – x 8 Push-Ups ( can be on incline on a step, bench,counter)

x 15 Swings – x 15 Wipers, w/ a metal pipe, broomstick, a staff

x 15 Swings – x 6 O’Head SQ w/PVC about 5′ length, broomstick; use a piece of wood, a weight plate, or slightly raised edge so you can do a full squat while holding weight overhead. Sometimes limited ankle flexibility hinders the full squat and shoulder tightness to hold the bar overhead can be an issue. That’s the reason for always getting in your halos circles and stretch band shoulder dislocates.

The goal is to always maintain your ROM (range of motion) for your joints; that’s different than stretching muscles.

x 15 Swings – 1′ Rack Carry or 60 steps. Can do single arm carry and switch arms after 30″

x 5 Swings – Farmer Walk , 60 steps or 1’

4/30/20 THURSDAY …… working in shorter intervals during your 5-7 mile run on fire roads or trails, or pavement with 3 rounds of: ( 1:30 – 1′ – 45”- 30″); don’t rush the recovery, but run for a while and then do the next interval followed by adequate recovery. The point is to work in faster cadence. ….If you do want to add your swings; do them prior to your running workout.

5/1/20 FRIDAY....prior to your aerobic workout, if you do want to simply get in your swings; do them prior to running. Can be 5 x 10 Kettlebell Swings; then save the longer workout for Saturday. It will be a good challenge to gradually work up to 10 x 10 or 7 x 15 or 5 x 20 swings, 5 days per week. Then it’s gradually working in the next heavier kettlebell in sets of 5 reps.

5/2/20 SATURDAY . Workout #24. I suggest getting it done first thing in the morning; then you’re free the rest of the day.

You can substitute using dumbbells if you don’t have the appropriate kettlebells. Any of the exercises you are not sure how to perform contact me at coachkeest@yahoo.com. I suggest , if possible, to obtain duplicate kettlebells in key sizes for the Loaded Carries and moderate kettlebell weights for alternating presses.( they’ll last a lifetime).