Week of 5/4/20: Workouts and tips for this week

Hi Folks,

No excuse not to get your early morning run in when it is cool, calm and very little car traffic. Work on gradually building up your kettlebell swings from three, four, and five days per week along and maintaining your mobility moves which can be worked into the swings program.

5/4/20 MONDAY. Workout #24 “On The Minute” ( OTM) workout. Here’s where you start each set of swings OTM; you’ll have fewer reps of exercises because the clock keeps moving. This workout you can do when adding another day of swings and includes some extra mobility exercises. As you build on your reps for this extra day of swings you can stop at 40, 50 or 60 swings if not ready for the 100 reps total. That will come quickly; just a bit more taxing OTM method.

After you get in 8 Hypo-deadlifts, x 5 Halos clockwise and counterclockwise directions, and kneeling Bird Dogs R/L x 5; set your stopwatch, IPhone timer, or if you have a buzzer clock ,to start each set of swings OTM.

X 10 Swings – x 5 Strap or stretch band Shoulder Dislocates

x 10 Swings – x 3-4 Hip Bridges

x 10 Swings – x 5 Goblet Squats

x 10 Swings – x 3-4 R/L Lunge Torso Rotations ( go for the reach, coming to a “T” with your arms so you rotate your torso well.

x 10 Swings – x 8 Incline or regular Push-Ups

x 10 Swings – x 8 Leg Raises ( keep low back flush to the ground/mat)

x 10 Swings – x 5 very lightweight “Pouring the Water” , DB Laterals fashion, i.e., pinky fingers are a bit higher than the thumbs, and only going out to the sides at 30 degrees, elbows slightly bent, to shoulder height. An important shoulder health exercise for the inside of the shoulder muscles.

x 10 Swings – x 3 Goblet Squats

x 10 swings – x 6 Incline or regular Push-Ups

A shorter and timed workout to keep it moving. Not too long, not too short.

5/5/20 TUESDAY Pick-ups during your 5-6 mile run. After your warm-up mile and during the run: 1′ pick-up (1′ recovery running), 2′ pick-up ( 2′ recovery run), 3′ pick-up ( 3′ recovery run at steady pace). Then reverse the order with 3′ pick-up again, 2′ and 1′ pick-ups.

x 10 Swings – Hold Shiko-dachi/horse stance (very wide stance, grasp ankles on inside of legs , push elbows out against knees to stretch inner thigh muscles.

5/6/20 WEDNESDAY. WORKOUT #25….note, I had an error with the upload of #24; i think we had two #24’s.

5/7/20 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. speed-work by time on road or trails. Keep the interval pick-ups at 5K effort because you may be hitting some of them on the uphill portion; that is a plus, because uphill pushes develop leg speed.

1 x 2′ (2′), 1 x 3:30 (3:30), 1 x 4′ (4′), 1 x 3:30 (3:30), 1 x 2′ (2′).

5/22/20 SATURDAY ….Workout #26 – A:

One column goes down in reps, the other goes up! I did modify reps for certain columns so it’s to many or too few. You should be able to go through the routine in short order.
This is for those who have the Concept II row machine- another option.