Week of 5/11/20: Three weight workouts for this week, motivation,

Hi Folks,

Having a bit of a problem keeping images on the blog correctly; I need to learn updated version of WordPress with its number of changes.

I was just able to connect to the Internet so I can get started with the posting for this week. Today we start the week with inclement weather which can change one’s attitude for getting in the workout session.

A TIP regarding motivation to get in the morning or afternoon workout when you are not feeling up to it. First of all, know that many athletes need the extra will power to get the workout started; that’s the difficult part. But it helps to have your set brief active mobility warm-up routine; then decide how the main workout will go. I’ve interviewed top runners who tell me they don’t decide how long the run will be until ten minutes into run, by then you’re likely motoring along and the cobwebs are gone. If you find you’re very “off” , or have little energy, it may be a day to cut the run short and head home to take in a needed recovery day.

The watch can be your training partner. If you’re scheduled to do a strength or skill session, do your warm-up, then set up your Gymboss type timer to go buzz every minute or interval you require. The clock becomes your “partner” for the workout. For example, to get in the daily 50-100 swings; set up the timer to buzz on the minute (OTM). Complete a set of 10-15 swings, plus an exercise such as a few push-ups, then start your next set OTM. That will keep you going; before you know it, you’ve completed the session within ten minutes!

5/11/20 MONDAY …building on your swings for reps. Get in sets of ten reps on the minute (OTM) as discussed above. Should get in 50 reps and if you have the background compete 100 reps. Can include a few push-ups and Goblet Squats after a few of those swing sets.

5/12/20 TUESDAY ...TEMPO pickups type workout. After the warm-up mile or so, get in a 5′ steady surge followed by easy 5′ of running; then 2 x 4′ (4′ easy) and a 3′ pick-up (3′ easy). After the workout get in your stretching while muscles tissue is warm.


x 10 Swings / x 5 Halos; x 10 Swings / x 15 Goblet squats; x 10 Swings / 60″ or 60 step Rack Carry; x 10 Swings / x 8 KB Deadlifts; x 15 Swings / Standing R/L Standing Presses; x 20 Swings / 60″ or 60 steps Farmer Carry; x 10 Swings / x R/L KB or DB 1- arm rows ( the exercise that is like “sawing wood” while kneeling one leg on exercise bench or leaning on a support about knee level.

a change in swing reps for you along a few key exercises; I include something dynamic, a squat, something overhead , and a carry.
if short on time do #28 below.
Swing to keep you track for establishing a daily dose of swings. The Clean & Press can function as a stand alone complex exercise targeting multiple muscle groups: hips, back, legs, shoulders and triceps. #28
This Saturday workout can be moved to Sunday if you are doing a long run or ride to avoid over-fatigue, but if you plan on doing both; do the weights first.
The Bulgarian or Split Squat you’re basically doing in lunge position (split squat) with trailing leg on a low step, or box about 5′ in height ,then doing lead leg squats with knee of trailing leg coming just short of touching the ground. Body weight should be plenty of resistance.

5/14/20 THURSDAY “TRACK” day on the trails or roads. After the warm-up mile or so, you’re going to include 6 x 1:45 pick-ups simulating the 400 meter distance with 2′ recovery running in between each rep.

5/16/20 SATURDAY ….any weight training precedes the run, and can be a short workout.

x 10 swings / x 8 Push-ups

x 10 swings / x 7 Push-ups

x 10 swings / x 4 Goblets Sq

x 10 swings / x 5 R. Bulgarian or “Split Squats”

x 10 swings / x 5 L. Bulgarian or “Split Squats”

x 10 swings / 1′ Plank

x 10 Swings / x 6 Push-ups

x 5 heavier KB Swings / KB or DB Sit-up & reach

x 5 heavier KB Swings / L Muay Thai or side plank leg raises

x 5 k heavier KB Swings / R Muay Thai or side plank leg raises

x 5 heavier swings / x 8 moderate weight KB Deadlifts

x 5 heavier swings / x 4 R/L Clean & Presses

x 5 heavier swings / done!