Week of 5/18/20: Workouts this week including Workout #30, race distances, training tips.

Hi Folks,

As California opens up a little more starting on Monday, May 18; you’ll be able to drive to running and cycling venues, instead having to do so from home: more options for some great workouts.

Sample idea if pressed for time: Remember that you shorten your workout if time or energy is an issue with 5-10 (x 10 swings) followed by 2 x (1,2,3) Clean & Presses. These complex exercises (those that hit multiple muscle groups) give you most bang for the time spent. Get in a short routine instead of skipping the full workout because it keeps you consistent and the body thrives on consistency. Your goal is to get your body “addicted” to requiring some exercise on a daily basis. For more on what are the ingredients for a successful regular exercise routine is highlighted in John Gardner’s ” Positive Addiction (he’s the author of Reality Therapy). I heard him at one of the best sports medicine seminars held in conjunction with The Silver State Marathon, 1978 near Lake Washoe; a tough run at altitude.

5/1920 TUESDAY. Medium length pickups during your 5-7 mile run. After one mile or so of warm-up: 4 x 3:30 pickups with easy 2 minute recover pace between each pickup.

5/20/20 WEDNESDAY get in your next workout WORKOUT #30 Two rounds:

x 10 Swings – x 7-10 Push-ups ( can be slight elevation or up to a counter)

x 15 Swings – x 4 L. Clean to Rack Squat to Press

x 10 Swings – x 4 R. Clean to Rack Squat to Press

x 15 Swings – x 6 Single or DBL KB/DB Kettlebell Deadlifts

x 10 Swings – x 12 Leg Raises or Wheel Rollout. Rnd 2: x7 Push-ups

5/21/ 20 THURSDAY “TRACK” Workout on the trails or roads.

4 x 3:30 pickups at 5K pace ( 2′ easy running);

4 x 30″ hill repeats.

5/23/20 SATURDAY Workout #31.

Popular run distances in detail:

1 km = 3280.84 feet; .62137119 meters

1 M = 1.609344 km

5K = 3.1068560 miles (run distance in Sprint triathlon, Olympic distance on track)

8K = 4.970965 miles (the “metric 5M) 5M = 8.04672 km

10K = 6.2137119 miles ( official track (25 laps) and road racing distance)

12K = 7.4564543 miles (international XC distance, Bay To Breakers and other races)

15K = 9.320568 miles (“metric 10 miler”); 10M = 16.09344 km

20 km = 12.427424 miles

13.10938 miles = Half Marathon = 21.0975 km

25 km = 15.534280 miles

30 km = 18.641136 miles

Marathon = 26.21875 miles; 42 km, 195 meters

50 km = 31.068560 miles