Week of 5/25/20: Workouts this week.

Hi Folks,

Updated 5/25/20: I accidentally hit “tab” and deleted a good portion of the posting. I will continue with it again tomorrow.

It’s to be a hot week, time to get in your workouts in the early am; that helps you stick to the program. Some of you are not morning people; after sunset may work better for you for your training. So the days you are low on energy simply cut the workouts shorter, but get the basic swings in. It’s about consistency starting with at least two days per week of strength training and working up to building your swings about five days of swings.

5/25/20 MONDAY . WORKOUT #32 Emphasis on SWINGS to gradually build up to five days per week of at least 50 swings, working up over time to 100 reps. Remember to execute each rep with power and full tension, tight abs, at the top of each rep and strong exhale with tongue pushed against the backside of the teeth and pursed lips.

x 10 Swings

x 15 Swings

x 5 Heavier KB swings

x 10 Swings

x 15 Swings

x 5 Heavier Swings

x 10 Swings

x 15 Swings

x 5 heavier Swings

x 10 Swings

1′ plank with weight on back, working up to 45#

5/26/20 TUESDAY . TEMPO pickups after a mile or so warm-up. Put in 4′-3′-2′ (2′ easy run between reps); then 3 -5 x 1′ hill.

5/27/20 WEDNESDAY. Weight training Workout #33. After Halos, in/out rotation/external band x 5, Bird Dogs x 8 R/L. and Hip Bridges x 5 with 3″ holds.

x 10 Swings – x 3 Goblets ( with 1000-1 pause at bottom of each rep)

x 10 Swings – x 8-10 push-ups (can be on ground, or incline)

x 20 Swings – R/L Lunge Torso Rotations. x 6

x 5 Heavier Swings – R/L Standing KB Presses x 4 with control

x 10 Swings – x 4 R. one-arm KB (or DB) O’Head Squats w/ pause/hold at bottom of each squat.

x 10 Swings – L. one-arm KB O’Head Squats w/ pause/hold at bottom

x 20 Swings – DB Plank Row R/L x 8

x 5 Heavier swings – DBL KB Sumo Deadlifts

x 10 Swings – 8-10 Push-ups

5/28/20 THURSDAY TRACK” on the roads and/or trails. After the mile or so warm-up: 8 x 1:45 (2′)

5/30/20 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS and Workout #33.