Week of 6/1/20: Workouts, runs, training tips

Hi Folks,

Wow, here we are in June – Dipsea month! What a different tone in our local running community with the race cancelled; however, we are fortunate that we can enjoy running in our beautiful open space and trails. Having access to outdoor exercise for walking, running, cycling, weight training and being close with Nature, we have it easier than most people in the country.

Some of the group want to start up our Saturday workouts at the Seminary location, but we need to see if campus is still closed or not. Those who live nearby can check if they are letting people on the property.

I am also posting Stinson Beach / Menlo Park Gym workouts because they have the Concept II Row/Erg machine or another model; another very productive fitness tool. STNB/MENLO PARK Workout #3: it works the wind and power!

Row 200 – Waiters Carry for 60 steps or 1 minute

Row 200 – Farmers Carry 1′ /60 steps

Row 200 – Rack Carry – 1’/ 60 steps

Row 200 – x 12 Leg Raises, or hanging kneed tucks from chin bar,

Row 200 – x 8-10 Push-ups ( can be on or incline; even with a weighted vest

Row 200 – x 8-10 Single or double KB/DB Sumo Deadlifts

6/1/20: MONDAY. SWING routine, keeping it simple and short.

x 15 Swings

x 10 Heavier Swings ( next heavier weight forces attention on technique; especially hip hinge and snap. Today’s routine ups the reps from 5-10 )

x 15 Swings ( with regular KB)

x 10 heavier swings

x 15 Swings

x 10 Heavier Swings

6/2/20 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After a good warm-up on a trail or road running, there will be a focus on 4 x 4′ pickups (4”-5′). You can easily mix up flat or upgrade terrain. The 4-6 minute pickups will improve your CV fitness; similar to running 800’s – 1200’s.

6/3/20 WEDNESDAY WEIGHT TRAINING Routine for the day. Remember to definitely get in your warm-ups for shoulders with Halos, Dislocates, internal/external band rotations.

WORKOUT #37 with varying rep counts:

x 10 Swings – X 6 L/R Lunge Torso Rotations

x 20 Swings – X 8-10 Push-ups ( flat or on incline)

x 5 Swings – X 3-5 DBL KB Cleans x 2 two rounds

x 10 Swings – X 5 R to L Plank DB pass through

X 20 Swings – X 8-10 Push-ups

x 5 Heavier Swings – X 20 Wipers (with barbell, staff, broomstick or PVC pipe

X 10 Swings – R/L Clean & Press (1,2,3)

x 20 Swings – X 5 DBL KB Front Squats (FSQ)

x 5 heavier Swings – Farmer Carry 1′ or 60 steps ( your goal is to work up to half your body weight in each hand). It is a safe “walking plank ” exercise that puts the entire body under tension to strengthen traps, grip, legs, back, hips.

6/4/20 THURSDAY. TRACK type workout by time on the trails or roads. After the usual mile or so warm-up run you’ll do two rounds of:

(2 x 30″ (1′), 2 x 1′ (2′) , 2 x 1:30 (2′))

6/6/20 SATURDAY Workout ( or do on Friday or Sunday if running long on Saturday). correction: 6-6-20, not 5-5-20.

Sometimes one’s energy may be a bit low due to lack if sleep, overtraining or a stressful life situation; then it’s prudent to either rest or do a shorter strength session. Here’s another option you can substitute for the planned workout, and if need be, cut it back even more.. Substitute Workout #1:

Substituted 1-arm Front Squats instead of more Goblet Squats in the routine: forces one to automatically use good technique. Should be able to go through this session within a relatively short time. Each Swing ends with total body tension and a short strong exhale through pursed lips and with tongue against the backside of your teeth, tight abs , tensed arms, butt; knees locked/ for that brief moment at the top of the swing.