Week of 8/24/20: Workouts for this week.

Hi Folks,

All of us will be modifying or skipping workouts this week with the increase in unhealthy smoke throughout the nine counties. You’ll be able to safely get in strength and indoor stationary bike, ERG training until we see clearer days.

Meanwhile, the track races continue in Europe – with a number of outstanding performances without spectators during the virus pandemic. The sixteen year old 5000 meter world record, held by Bekle, was broken recently by a very talented, disciplined, and engaging JOSHUA CHEPTGEI, 23 of Uganda by two seconds.

Cheptgei has been on an ever-improving roll in cross country, the roads and track. This 5000 meter race was held in Monaco and Cheptgei ran the latter part of the race ahead of the pack to finish in 12:35.36, which works out to 4:03.7 per mile for an average of 60.43/ lap and a final 4:03 1600 meters.

He trained mostly on his own in Uganda with solo workouts on egg-shaped grass track which has a two meter difference between the highest and lowest points! There is only one tartan track in Uganda. It demonstrates again what one can accomplish with solid coaching, the drive that Joshua has, and family support. A remarkable young athlete.

8/25/20 TUESDAY. TEMPO. After a good mile or so warm-up run you’ll get in:

4 X 5′ at 5K effort level tempo runs alternated with 4′ recovery easy runs. The time period approximates one kilometer to 1200 meter distances – to improve running fitness.

(But skip this workout day if the day is too smoky)

8/26/20. WEDNESDAY. STRENGTH TRAINING day with Workout #55.

8/27/20 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK day on the trails, roads. After the solid warm-up and 5 x 15″ pick-ups. Two rounds of: (3 x 45″ intervals ( 1′) – 3 x 3′ (3′).

8/29/20 SATURDAY. HILL REPEATS and STRENGTH training. Get in 1.5 miles of steady running, 6 x 15″ pick-ups on the flat. (Note, you can do repeats at our Olivette Seminary College site off Seminary Drive. ). Hill Repeats: 3 Rounds of: (30″ i.e., “Short” – 15″ i.e., Sprint – 1′ i.e., “half” – 1:45 i.e., “long”).