Week of 8/31/20:Workouts this week..

Hi Folks,

There will be days that the air is not safe to workout, so check Purpleair.com daily for air status. I’ve learned that it is safer to train near a body water such as the Bay or seashore. Sunday West Marin was covered with very unhealthy air, but Peacock Gap, Loch Lomond and China Camp were smoke free. Then on Tuesday the Nicasio and Samuel Taylor Park areas were completely smoke free; Sunday was awful air there.

9/1/20 TUESDAY. TEMPO workout. After the warm-up mile or so get in two rounds of:

((3′ (3′) – 5′ (5′) – 3′ (3′))….Run the tempo pieces at 5K pace followed by easy running as indicated.


Range of Motion (ROM) workout . The idea here is to get in your 100 Swings alternated with more milder ROM exercise instead of heavy strength work. The Kneeling Torso Rotations are a substitute for those who have doing rotations in the forward deep lunge position, but still works the thoracic ROM.

NOTE that when I post the swing/exercise workout on the white boards I am strongly suggesting that you add the Loaded Carries after that portion with Farmer Carry, Rack Carry, Waiters Carry; each carry for one minute in duration – and with substantial weight. The only exception is with the Waiters Carry; keep it overhead, bicep alongside ear, arm locked straight overhead.

9/3/20 THURSDAY. SPEED-WORK. After a mile or so warm-up run, 4 x15″ quick cadence pick-ups.

Two rounds of:( 2 x 45″ ( 1:30) – 2 x 1′ (2′) – 2 x 2:30 (3′))


The “OTM” or On the Minute Workout, i.e, that each round of swings begins in the minute after completing the exercise after the set of swings. You can add reps to any exercise , but yourself some ten seconds of recovery prior to starting the next set of swings.

10 Mtn Climbers means 20 reps total. Use either KB or DB weights for the step-ups. When you do left foot step-ups keep the left or right foot planted flat on the step throughout the set. Carry out a “1000-1” hold count at top of each clean and press.

This #56 workout is more the “regular” length; the OTM workout up above works well when short on time or if you plan on a run or bike later.

Note that you can do the “off set push-ups” on a dumbbell or kettlebell..